Jun 25, 2012

Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) - Why would anyone be so blatantly sneaky to go through a Czech Arbitration Court in Prague to file a Domain Name Dispute.

Who would file a Dispute with the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC)? Why not file a Domain Name Dispute with WIPO or a U.S. Court? Well the reason would be if you have an insider that controls the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) or maybe it is cheaper to file a Domain Name dispute with Czech Arbitration Court (CAC).

Odds are the Complaintant has someone they have bough off on the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) arbitration board. More coming soon regarding who in the world would go to such links to suppress Free Speech. 

Here are some Resource Links Regarding 

" The Board of ICANN has approved a new provider of domain name dispute resolution services. It is the Czech Arbitration Court in Prague."

"The Czech Arbitration Court administers ADR Proceedings according to ADR Rules and ADR Supplemental Rules, and in line with the Public Policy Rules"

Czech Arbitration Court

"Amsterdam/Prague May 6th – After the successful launch of the .CO.NL extension, the CO.NL Operator is proud to announce that the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) now provides Dispute Resolution for CO.NL Domains through its Online Dispute Resolution Platform."

Coming soon conflicts of interest with Complaining Party and the Czech Arbitration Court. Free Speech Issues, Double Standards, other Domain Name Cases such as the Glen Beck Case and the case of the (.net) version of this domain name. I will also be telling you what constitutional rights are being violated, who is doing it and way more about the motive to Suppress Free Speech.

Who would go to such lengths to Retaliate against a Blogger and Silence Free Speech and the First Amendment Rights of a Blogger?

Also coming soon other tactics to Suppress Free Speech in the name of Fighting for Free Speech... What is right and LAW for some is NOT for others. Some folks control Google, Wordpress, Godaddy and more simply because they huff and puff and you have no rights against such Bully's. Stay Tuned as Win or Lose. I will Fight and I am on the Right side of the law, the right side of Free Speech and the right side of the Moral Compass.

Let's see who gets favors... we sure know that Glen Beck gets no favors in Domain Name Disputes.. but I bet this Complaintant does... Watch.. Wait.. More Coming Soon..

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