Jun 25, 2012

Marc Randazza Filed a Domain Name Dispute with the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC), this way he can get the FIGHT for Cheaper and Possibly Control the Outcome. Marc Randazza is said to have a connection on the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) Panel, We Shall See.

Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) Domain Name Dispute. Marc Randazza filed a Domain Name Complaint with the Czech Arbitration Court in order to steal MarcRandazza.com for Marc J. Randazza was to damn dumb to by MarcRandazza.com himself.

The Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) Domain Name Dispute response is due from blogger Crystal Cox on July 12th 2012, as told to me by the Czech Arbitration Court.

A typical Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) Domain Name Dispute takes 2 to 3 months to decide, so looks like 2-3 months from July 12th, Marc J. Randazza of Randazza legal group may finally get to steal MarcRandazza.com, we shall see. Meanwhile Blogger Crystal Cox, who really dislikes arrogant asshole attorney Marc Randazza, well I will be Bloggin' away on Marc Randazza.com, so if you got a tip on Marc John Randazza, worlds Dumbest Attorney, please email me at SavvyBroker@yahoo.com 

I am kind of Rooting for the Big Dummy. I mean Marc Randazza is a Domain Name Lawyer and All, the world's dumbest Domain Name Lawyer, but non-the-less still a Big Shot in Domain Name Law and Domain Name Disputes, it sure would suck if he could not steal MarcRandazza.com from me as he stole JenniferRandazza.com from whom I gave the name too. More on that Later, and more later on the Protective Order that Jackass Marc Randazza filed in a Las Vegas Court because he was / is so scared of a Blogger's Free Speech Rights.

I am working on my Domain Name Dispute response to the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC, it will be a 3 Panel Decision, so Ol' Marc Randazza will have to cough up another thousand dollars anyway. SO much for not filing with WIPO so it was cheaper.

All this to suppress free speech and retaliate against a blogger for buying a domain name and choosing a better attorney for my Free Speech case, WOW, Marc Randazza really hates free speech when its him getting PANTS.

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