Oct 18, 2012

Obsidian Finance Group, LLC, et al., v. Crystal Cox:

"Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group, LLC sued blogger Crystal Cox, claiming that Cox libeled them through a series of postings on her Internet blog. The trial court jury ruled in favor of Padrick and Obsidian and returned a $2.5 million verdict in their favor. Cox moved for a new trial, which was denied.

The decision in the trial court below turned on whether she was a journalist and whether her speech involved a matter of public concern – both of which affects the standard of liability under Oregon law.

We argued that trial courts must not determine whether someone is a journalist based on what a journalist’s job traditionally has been; rather, any test must be closely matched to the constitutionally protected function journalists perform. We also argued that a matter of "public concern" must be defined broadly as well, to allow for a wide range of speech on topics that affect the public."

Source of Post

Welcome to Porn Valley

Porn In The Valley - a discussion and commentary on the Los Angeles Pornography industry


Oct 17, 2012

Hey Randazza Legal Group and the Legal Satyricon Blog Authors. YOU may Want to File an Amicus Brief in Support of MY Position in the Obsidian v. Cox Appeal. Or at Least in Support of the First Amendment, supporting neither side. Grow a Set Boys.

Why is Marc Randazza, so Called First Amendment Advocate, Standing By watching the Obsidian Vs. Cox Case Play out and DOING NOTHING to Support YOUR First Amendment Rights?

The Obsidian Finance Group LLC v. Blogger Crystal Cox is The Biggest Court Case Ever Facing the issue of the rights of New Media Bloggers and First Amendment Rights Online.

Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza of the Blog "Legal Satyricon" is letting this happen because he is "Butthurt" that a Blogger Smarter than his Dumb Ass, Registered the Domain Name MarcRandazza.com and so, Marc Randazza is making all of you bloggers Collateral Damage in his WAR with Blogger Crystal Cox.

All of you rabid bloggers in the PopeHate Kenneth White and Marc Randazza Lynch Mob Defaming Blogger Crystal Cox, who is really fighting corruption and trying to make the world a better place, well you need this Verdict overturned, yet you do NOTHING.

Marc Randazza is NOT standing up for the First Amendment Rights of blogs such as PopeHate.com, Philly Law Blog, Randazza's Own Legal Satyricon Blog, Kashmir Hill of Forbes, NPR's Hate against Crystal Cox, Damian Penny Blog, Newspaper Death Watch Blog, Richard Demanuel Blog, SaltyDroid, Siouxsie Law Blog and Thousands more Just Like It.

The PopeHate.com Blog by Attorney Kenneth White and Marc Randazza's Lynch Mob, and all those connected Blog Networks, tends to trash talk people regularly, they even threaten knee caps, post what kind of car women in the porn industry drive to threaten them, they stalk and harass these people and use the search engines to ruin the lives of those who will not do as they wish.  You folks certainly are going to NEED Obsidian V. Cox overturned or GUESS WHAT Dumbshits, you're Next.

So why is, Idle, Coward Attorney Marc Randazza NOT Standing in Support of the Crystal Cox side of the Obsidian V. Cox Case?  Is this standoff really in the best interest of Bloggers, of New Media and of First Amendment Rights?

Alleged First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza is NOT Standing in Support of First Amendment Rights for ALL Bloggers and New Media and in essence the entire Porn Industry Online. Marc Randazza is making ALL of YOU the Collateral Damage of his Petty Dick Swinging Contest with Lesbian Blogger Crystal Cox (not my porn name).

Attention Marc Randazza and your Army of THUGS;  I am a Mama Grizzly Bear, The victims of corruption are my cubs. YOU will NOT scare me, nor run me off and if you harm me or kill me, I will only get stronger in the search engines of New MEDIA. Power to the People, by the Power of Internet Marketing and the BLOGS that Expose Evil, WITHOUT THE PERMISSION of Corporate and Corruption Sponsored "Big Media" aKa Traditional Media. 

You will all have to Live with this Precedence, and it will FOREVER be NOTED that Marc Randazza is NO Supporter of Free Speech. It will be Eternally Memoralized, that when self proclaimed First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza had his big chance back in 2012 to make a Stand for your First Amendment Rights in New Media. Marc Randazza sat back and simply made a mess of it because he got his feelings hurt by the big bad blogger Batshit Crazy Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza is allegedly world renowned for First Amendment Rights, and protecting bloggers, websites, media companies, porn companies, Rush Limbaugh and more from frivolous legal action and First Amendment Rights Violations. Yet, because Marc Randazza is throwing a whiny fit, mad at this female blogger, he DOES nothing to protect your RIGHTS, though he has the power to do so.

Marc Randazza should file an Amicus Brief In Support of the Issues. Marc Randazza should support bloggers rights in one of his famous CNN or Fox News Yammer Sessions. But instead BUTTHURT Rabid Randazza let's ALL of YOU lose your First Amendment Rights, and he puts in no effort to support the First Amendment. All because he is BUTTHURT.

Guess What Guys, Retraction Laws Do NOT even Apply To You. You Can be Sued for 10 Million Dollars and the Plaintiff does not even have to ask you to remove a post or tell you its not factual. 

And Remember Extortion was NOT part of the Obsidian V. Cox Case (Use your Brain and your Reading Skills). Crystal Cox was not Charged with, nor On Trial for, Extortion.  It is Smoke and Mirrors that Marc Randazza and the Plaintiff in Obsidian v. Cox put up, in order to protect Portland Oregon Corruption, oh and seek revenge for being smarter than Marc Randazza.

Real First Amendment Rights Advocates are Speaking Up. 

Check Out this Amicus Brief from ScotusBlog.com

ScotusBlog.com Submits Amicus Brief in Obsidian Vs. Cox Appeal Supporting No Party and In Support of the Issue At Stake for All Bloggers, Citizen Journalists and New Media Blogs.

ScotusBlog.com, Thomas Goldstein Files Motion for Leave to File an Amicus Brief in the Obsidian Finance Group, LLC et al., v. Crystal Cox Appeal.  Thomas C. Goldstein submits this Amicus Brief Supporting No Party and In Support of the Issue At Stake for All Bloggers, Citizen Journalists and New Media Blogs.

ScotusBlog.com, Thomas C. Goldstein Says,  "As a "blog" that provides a useful public service to several million readers each year, but is nonetheless unable to satisfy most of the criteria for "media" indentified by the district court in this case, the blog has an interest in the this case because of the prospect that it too would be unable to avail itself of the protections prrovided by the First Amendment and could face potential liability in a lawsuit for libel or defamation."

Read the Full ScotusBlog.com, Thomas C. Goldstein Amicus Brief Below

ScotusBlog.com Amicus Brief Regarding Obsidian Vs. Cox Appeal

Check Out this Amicus Brief from

Obsidian Finance Group LLC v. Cox Ninth Circuit Appeal: Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Amicus Brief.

Anti-Corruption Blogger Crystal Cox Sued for Defamation. 

Portland Oregon Federal Judge Says Bloggers are Not Journalists and BLOGS are Not Media. Blogger Denied the Protection of the First Amendment, Shield Laws, Anti-Slapp Laws and Retraction Laws. Thereby Protecting conflicts of interest and corruption among Portland Oregon's Top Law Firms, Attorney and Judges.

the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Amicus Brief

Of Course there is the First Amendment Rights Super Star Attorney Eugene Volokh who is actually making a difference in the First Amendment Rights of All. 

Here is the Obsidian Vs. Cox Appeal Opening Brief.

  Eugene Volokh, Crystal L. Cox Appeal. Obsidian Vs. Cox Appeal Opening Brief

more on the Obsidian Finance Group V. Crystal L. Cox Case

Oct 16, 2012

Kashmir Hill Claims to be a "privacy pragmatist". Yet Kashmil Hill of Forbes accused Blogger Crystal Cox of Criminal Activity simply to stick up for Attorney Marc Randazza.

Forbes Blogger / Journalist Kashmir Hill Defamed Blogger Crystal Cox and Knowingly posted false information regarding Blogger Crystal Cox, with Actual Malice.

Kashmir Hill never Had a Conversation or Emails with Blogger Crystal Cox, yet accused me of Extortion, and of Reputation Smearing. Kashmir Hill claims to be a "privacy pragmatist" as you see on her bio

"I'm a privacy pragmatist, writing about the intersection of law, technology, social media and our personal information. If you have story ideas or tips, e-mail me at khill@forbes.com. I'm a staff writer at Forbes now, but I've hung out in quite a few newsrooms over the last few years. Most recently, I was an editor at Above the Law, a legal blog, relying on the legal knowledge gained from two years working for corporate law firm Covington & Burling -- a Cliff's Notes version of law school. In the past, I've been found slaving away as an intern in midtown Manhattan at The Week Magazine, in Hong Kong at the International Herald Tribune, and in D.C. at the Washington Examiner. I also spent a few years traveling the world managing educational programs for international journalists for the National Press Foundation."

Such a Renowned Journalist and protected to Defame Me, Accuse me of a Crime I was not on Trial For, Paint me in False Light, and incite a riot of HATE against me for a Crime of which no criminal case existed on.

Kashmir Hill has painted Blogger Crystal Cox in false light, defamed Blogger Crystal Cox and flat out lied about Blogger Crystal Cox. Yet Kashmir Hill has protected speech to accuse Blogger Crystal Cox of a Crime in which Blogger Crystal Cox was NOT on trial for nor even formally accused of. And Blogger Crystal Cox WILL be Filing a LAWSUIT Soon against Forbes and Kashmir Hill Personally and Professionally.

Kashmir Hill never noted that the alleged extortion email was one of several emails between Pro Se Defendant Blogger Crystal Cox acting in her Pro Se Capacity and with the Plaintiff's Attorney David Aman. The emails were a month after the threat of a lawsuit sent to Blogger Crystal Cox and a week after Obsidian Finance Group, via Tonkon Torp Attorney David Aman filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit against Blogger Crystal Cox. It was a Settlement Communication, it was private emails between attorneys in a Federal Case.

Kashmir Hill certainly did not get both sides, she did not even get the emails that surrounded the email she used to Defame Me.

Blogger Crystal Cox, me wants to Sue Forbes, and Kashmir Hill for Defamation, Painting in False Light, a Hate Crime, Ruining my Reputation Management Business, Hurting my Real Estate Business, Cause me A Year of Undo stress, hate and family / friend alienation. I also want to sue the New York Times and Tonkon Torp Law Firm for leaking the email and painting me in false light. If you are an attorney that wants to represent me on contingency please email me at Crystal@CrystalCox.com. Otherwise I will be filing a Lawsuit Pro Se, Coming Soon.

I will discuss more on the Defamation with Actual Knowledg in this Article Coming Soon

For Now you Can Check This Out

Diana Grandmaison - By the way Evil Doers at Randazza Legal Group. I Did not Know Diana Grandmaison but Thank You for Naming Diana Grandmaison in the WIPO Complaint, Now I will Be Watching What She is Saying ABOUT Ya'll and EXPOSING YOU in Mass.

Diana Grandmaison ~ Looks to me like this Diana Grandmaison of Foxx Media Group is a Hero. Looks like Diana Grandmaison is bustins ya'll's BALLS and Exposing the Dark Side of the Porn Industry.

Looks Like Diana Grandmaison has a NEW Ally, Me and I, Too, Fight to the Death Marco Randazzo.

So Kill me, Bust my Knee Caps.. What .. EVER.. I have the Light on my Side BABY and I stand on the Right Side of the Law and the Right Side of the Moral Compass and I will EXPOSE all you EVIL, Lying Bastards Harming Women, Men, and Children and Exploiting them Sexually for your GREEDY Dark, Evil, Deeds.

So Jackasses of Randazza Legal Group, thanks for Drawing my Attention to Diana Grandmaison.  Now I will Have More Data to Get Found in the Search Engines for your EVIL Names.

I Eternally Stand, FIRMLY, Relentlessly, With Diana Grandmaison, though I have never emailed her, met her, nor spoke to her. You circle jerk buddies of Marco Randazza sure seem have an issue with this infamous Diana Grandmaison, So Guess that Means She is a White Light Hero like Monica Foster.

I Eternally Stand, FIRMLY, Relentlessly with Monica Foster Also. So Huff and Puff Big Dumb, Evil Daddy. You Can't Blow Out Our Light. Even in our Death, Our Light BURNS BRIGHT Bastards.

Folks, Your Government Officials are VERY involved in the Underground of the Porn Industry. The Porn KINGS Rule ALL Worlds. Wake Up. Evil, Sexual Control - Satanism, Human Trafficking, Rituals, Human Slaves and how this controls Judges, Attorneys, and Politicians IS the Root of All Evil and the Foundation that the Wall of Corruption in America is Built on.

These Two Women have the GUTS to Stand Against Its FURY. And I, for ONE, will Certainly Back them up, as a Fellow Spiritual Warrior of the LIGHT, saving whom I Can.

Diana Grandmaison And Monica Foster Sure Seem to Be two outspoken, sexy sassy woman whom are Exposing Evil, Corruption, Exposing Very Bad and Dark Deeds within the Porn Industry.  Thanks for Hooking me Up Marc Randazza. These are 2 Woman, I would Love to Know. Beautiful Inside and Out. They are Spiritual Warriors Fighting for the Victims of the Porn Industry, as Far as I See It. Folks Read what Diana Grandmaison, Foxx Media Group And Monica Foster, Porn News Today have to say. Write down their Blogs, check back often. Save the People in your Life from the Big Wigs in Porn and their Evil Attorney Marc Randazza who protects the Evil Doings..

Some of Diana Grandmaison's Blogs and Sites Exposing the Porn Industry


Click Here to Support Diana Grandmaison in Bringing Down the Evil Doers in the Porn Industry.

Some of Monica Foster's Blogs and Sites Exposing the Porn Industry

Diana Grandmaison And Monica Foster may even just be Bat Shit Crazy. That will Need Further Review by Crystal L. Cox, of Bat Shit Crazy Radio. 

NOTE To Mafia, Mob, Porn Kings and your Leader Attorney Marc J. Randazza, From Archangel, Reverend Crystal Cox ( not My Porn Name)

If you beat, kill, take, punish, sue, silence, suppress one of us ~ a hundred will take our place. United We Stand. My 1000 Blogs will Promote the Investigative Journalism of  Monica Foster and Diana Grandmaison.  And even if you Kill me, the Story Lives On. And even if you Kill them, threaten them, sue them, YOU Will Still Be Exposed. 

I am Even Stronger in my DEATH. 

I Fear NO Evil.  For If my God is With Me, Whom then Do I Fear. 

Oct 13, 2012

Oct 12, 2012

Attention Randazza Legal Group: This is Mandatory Reading for all Randazza Legal Group Attorneys

Hey Marcy Marco, Marcity Marc.. What do you Think of This Idea..

I get a DBA, and a Pen Name "Marc Randazza" and then, as a Writer, Journalist, Author and Publisher, as I have been for nearly 20 years, I will then publish books, write blogs, write eBooks under the Name "Marc Randazza" or can I do that if you have a Trademark, oh .. maybe you don't.. can you Trademark a Name.. I mean your not the only Marc Randazza in the WORLD.. hmmm.. things for me to Ponder..

Oct 11, 2012

"Who did the LA porn industry bribe in mainstream media to LIE about supporting Barack Obama?"

The porn industry does NOT back Barack Obama as the mainstream media wants you to believe - in actuality the porn industry is simply using the press to say that they “back Obama” in effort to not have the condom law passed (please make sure you vote YES on measure B Californians) in November and in effort to affiliate with several influential Democrats.
The Los Angeles porn industry is primarily REPUBLICAN. In fact, the individual who has organized the “No on measure B” campaign Sean Tompkins (who ironically is the SAME man who has stalked, defamed and terrorized myself and family, and who is the man who was in part behind Pornwikileaks which led to the close of the AIM testing facility) is a REPUBLICAN and REGULARLY insults, denounces and berates Barack Obama on his twitter account. 
Source and Full Article

US Courts Taking a Look at the Glen Beck WIPO Dispute Complaint WON by Hypocrite Marc Randazza, Now Fighting on the Opposite Side of this Debate, Trying to STEAL Domain Names from Blogger Crystal L. Cox, ENEMY of Marc Randazza.

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Eugene Volokh, Crystal L. Cox Appeal. Obsidian Vs. Cox Appeal Opening Brief

Fighting for Free Speech for REAL, not Fighting to Protect Evil Such as Marco Randazza.

Eugene Volokh, Crystal L. Cox Appeal. Obsidian Vs. Cox Appeal Opening Brief

Hey, Does Mike South Play on Both Teams? Doe Mike South Bat for the Devil or the Light? Money, Greed or Victims Rights.. Whats Going On with Mike South..

Can't Tell Which Side Mike South is On Now.. I will Have to Keep Digging..

How is Marc Randazza Connected to the Porn WiKi Leaks Scandal?

I sure get alot of searches on this.. whats going On.. email your Tip to me..
Crystal L.Cox, ENEMY of Marc Randazza.  Crystal@CrystalCox.com

ahhh Evil Porn Industry Attorney Marc J. Randazza is a Minister? WOW. Sure NOT doing ANYTHING to make the World a Better Place.

Ordained Minister Marc J. Randazza thinks its ok to have a Domain Name with the "Mark" Glen Beck in it, Such as GlenBeckRapedAndMurderedAYoungGirl - However Marc J. Randazza, Porn Attorney Minister whines to WIPO, about Domain Names and Blogs owned, managed, or maintained by Reverend Crystal Cox, aKa Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox who is dedicated to Exposing the Evil Doings of Traitor, Hypocrite Attorney MARC Randazza.

Here is the Ordained Minister Marc J. Randazza License, wonder what Ordained Minister Marc J. Randazza, aKa Porn Industry Attorney defending Satanism, is going to do with this "License" to Worship Satan.

Click the Right Arrow to Pages with Data

Ordained Minister Marc J. Randazza

Clergy, WOW, he probably used this to Park or Get into Events in California and Florida.   Porn Clergy ~ Minister Marc Randazza. What a Joke !!

Here is the list that Ordained Minister Marc J. Randazza, Hypocritical Troll Attorney Marc Randazza submitted to WIPO regarding my Online Presence thus Far Exposing Marc Randazza. Though he missed a few hundred, still Ordained Minister Marc J. Randazza thinks its ok to own GlenBeckRapedAndMurderedAYoungGirlin1990.com, which he admittedly defended the First Amendment Rights of the Owner.

By the Way, thanks for the PR, Evil FuckNUTS 
of Randazza Legal Group.

  Crystal Cox EXPOSES Marc Randazza

Yep, and there will Hundreds More MONTHLY, Eternally. Its NOT Defamation, it is Damnation for the EVIL you do in the WORLD.  The Real Reverend, of the LIGHT, Crystal Cox will actually Help your Victims, as I Expose YOU and Tell Their Story.

Marco Randazzo thinks He has Common Law RIGHTS to MarcRandazza.com yet the OTHER hundreds of Marc Randazza's in the WORLD have NO Right. ONLY One Man. What a Bunch of Self Righteous Crap.

Eliot Bernstein is NOT a Proxy. You GUYS will be Named in a Lawsuit Soon, one that You Cannot Control the Judge In. This is an FBI, SEC, DOJ, investigation into iViewit and you Fighting to Suppress Documents and Facts, Will be Something Memorable for you, Indeed.

Can't you Just Hear the Skeletons Rattling in the Closets of Every Randazza Legal Group Associate?

Laura Tucker, You Will Soon Be Named in a Dept. of Justice Complaint and a RICO Complaint. Your Under Oath Statements, your Blog Posts about Me, and your Continued WIPO interactions will be Deeply Investigated, Stay Tuned. Your interfering with a 13 Trillion Dollar Legal Case, Criminal Complaints and More. Wake Up. READ and STOP Blindly Believing Marc Randazza who is leading you down an EVIL Path. Come to the Light "Ms. Tucker"

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