Oct 16, 2012

Kashmir Hill Claims to be a "privacy pragmatist". Yet Kashmil Hill of Forbes accused Blogger Crystal Cox of Criminal Activity simply to stick up for Attorney Marc Randazza.

Forbes Blogger / Journalist Kashmir Hill Defamed Blogger Crystal Cox and Knowingly posted false information regarding Blogger Crystal Cox, with Actual Malice.

Kashmir Hill never Had a Conversation or Emails with Blogger Crystal Cox, yet accused me of Extortion, and of Reputation Smearing. Kashmir Hill claims to be a "privacy pragmatist" as you see on her bio

"I'm a privacy pragmatist, writing about the intersection of law, technology, social media and our personal information. If you have story ideas or tips, e-mail me at khill@forbes.com. I'm a staff writer at Forbes now, but I've hung out in quite a few newsrooms over the last few years. Most recently, I was an editor at Above the Law, a legal blog, relying on the legal knowledge gained from two years working for corporate law firm Covington & Burling -- a Cliff's Notes version of law school. In the past, I've been found slaving away as an intern in midtown Manhattan at The Week Magazine, in Hong Kong at the International Herald Tribune, and in D.C. at the Washington Examiner. I also spent a few years traveling the world managing educational programs for international journalists for the National Press Foundation."

Such a Renowned Journalist and protected to Defame Me, Accuse me of a Crime I was not on Trial For, Paint me in False Light, and incite a riot of HATE against me for a Crime of which no criminal case existed on.

Kashmir Hill has painted Blogger Crystal Cox in false light, defamed Blogger Crystal Cox and flat out lied about Blogger Crystal Cox. Yet Kashmir Hill has protected speech to accuse Blogger Crystal Cox of a Crime in which Blogger Crystal Cox was NOT on trial for nor even formally accused of. And Blogger Crystal Cox WILL be Filing a LAWSUIT Soon against Forbes and Kashmir Hill Personally and Professionally.

Kashmir Hill never noted that the alleged extortion email was one of several emails between Pro Se Defendant Blogger Crystal Cox acting in her Pro Se Capacity and with the Plaintiff's Attorney David Aman. The emails were a month after the threat of a lawsuit sent to Blogger Crystal Cox and a week after Obsidian Finance Group, via Tonkon Torp Attorney David Aman filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit against Blogger Crystal Cox. It was a Settlement Communication, it was private emails between attorneys in a Federal Case.

Kashmir Hill certainly did not get both sides, she did not even get the emails that surrounded the email she used to Defame Me.

Blogger Crystal Cox, me wants to Sue Forbes, and Kashmir Hill for Defamation, Painting in False Light, a Hate Crime, Ruining my Reputation Management Business, Hurting my Real Estate Business, Cause me A Year of Undo stress, hate and family / friend alienation. I also want to sue the New York Times and Tonkon Torp Law Firm for leaking the email and painting me in false light. If you are an attorney that wants to represent me on contingency please email me at Crystal@CrystalCox.com. Otherwise I will be filing a Lawsuit Pro Se, Coming Soon.

I will discuss more on the Defamation with Actual Knowledg in this Article Coming Soon

For Now you Can Check This Out

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