Oct 16, 2012

Diana Grandmaison - By the way Evil Doers at Randazza Legal Group. I Did not Know Diana Grandmaison but Thank You for Naming Diana Grandmaison in the WIPO Complaint, Now I will Be Watching What She is Saying ABOUT Ya'll and EXPOSING YOU in Mass.

Diana Grandmaison ~ Looks to me like this Diana Grandmaison of Foxx Media Group is a Hero. Looks like Diana Grandmaison is bustins ya'll's BALLS and Exposing the Dark Side of the Porn Industry.

Looks Like Diana Grandmaison has a NEW Ally, Me and I, Too, Fight to the Death Marco Randazzo.

So Kill me, Bust my Knee Caps.. What .. EVER.. I have the Light on my Side BABY and I stand on the Right Side of the Law and the Right Side of the Moral Compass and I will EXPOSE all you EVIL, Lying Bastards Harming Women, Men, and Children and Exploiting them Sexually for your GREEDY Dark, Evil, Deeds.

So Jackasses of Randazza Legal Group, thanks for Drawing my Attention to Diana Grandmaison.  Now I will Have More Data to Get Found in the Search Engines for your EVIL Names.

I Eternally Stand, FIRMLY, Relentlessly, With Diana Grandmaison, though I have never emailed her, met her, nor spoke to her. You circle jerk buddies of Marco Randazza sure seem have an issue with this infamous Diana Grandmaison, So Guess that Means She is a White Light Hero like Monica Foster.

I Eternally Stand, FIRMLY, Relentlessly with Monica Foster Also. So Huff and Puff Big Dumb, Evil Daddy. You Can't Blow Out Our Light. Even in our Death, Our Light BURNS BRIGHT Bastards.

Folks, Your Government Officials are VERY involved in the Underground of the Porn Industry. The Porn KINGS Rule ALL Worlds. Wake Up. Evil, Sexual Control - Satanism, Human Trafficking, Rituals, Human Slaves and how this controls Judges, Attorneys, and Politicians IS the Root of All Evil and the Foundation that the Wall of Corruption in America is Built on.

These Two Women have the GUTS to Stand Against Its FURY. And I, for ONE, will Certainly Back them up, as a Fellow Spiritual Warrior of the LIGHT, saving whom I Can.

Diana Grandmaison And Monica Foster Sure Seem to Be two outspoken, sexy sassy woman whom are Exposing Evil, Corruption, Exposing Very Bad and Dark Deeds within the Porn Industry.  Thanks for Hooking me Up Marc Randazza. These are 2 Woman, I would Love to Know. Beautiful Inside and Out. They are Spiritual Warriors Fighting for the Victims of the Porn Industry, as Far as I See It. Folks Read what Diana Grandmaison, Foxx Media Group And Monica Foster, Porn News Today have to say. Write down their Blogs, check back often. Save the People in your Life from the Big Wigs in Porn and their Evil Attorney Marc Randazza who protects the Evil Doings..

Some of Diana Grandmaison's Blogs and Sites Exposing the Porn Industry


Click Here to Support Diana Grandmaison in Bringing Down the Evil Doers in the Porn Industry.

Some of Monica Foster's Blogs and Sites Exposing the Porn Industry

Diana Grandmaison And Monica Foster may even just be Bat Shit Crazy. That will Need Further Review by Crystal L. Cox, of Bat Shit Crazy Radio. 

NOTE To Mafia, Mob, Porn Kings and your Leader Attorney Marc J. Randazza, From Archangel, Reverend Crystal Cox ( not My Porn Name)

If you beat, kill, take, punish, sue, silence, suppress one of us ~ a hundred will take our place. United We Stand. My 1000 Blogs will Promote the Investigative Journalism of  Monica Foster and Diana Grandmaison.  And even if you Kill me, the Story Lives On. And even if you Kill them, threaten them, sue them, YOU Will Still Be Exposed. 

I am Even Stronger in my DEATH. 

I Fear NO Evil.  For If my God is With Me, Whom then Do I Fear. 

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