Aug 28, 2012

Marc Randazza Hypocrite Super Duper Anti-Free Speech Attorney. Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group Lied to Me, Violated my Legal and Constitutional Rights, Threatened me and Disrupted my Quality of Life. Fuck YOU Marc Randazza, Enjoy the Never Ending Parody of Hypocrite Attorney Marc Randazza who is above the Law and is Dangerous. Marc Randazza supports stalkers as in Supporting Devoy. Marc Randazza wishes women in the porn industry to drive cars over cliffs and he punches guys who take pictures of his wife. Marc Randazza is a hypocrite Asshole. FUCK YOU Marc Fucking Randazza. You are a Liar who Ruins Lives for a LIVING.

Marc Randazza will DO Anything, Legal or Not to Steal Domain Names and to SUPPRESS Free Speech.

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