Aug 20, 2012

Marc Randazza Suppresses Free Speech Every Chance Marc Randazza Gets. Yes Folks, For Those of you asking, Marc Randazza did have google remove - Marc Randazza is a Lying Hypocrite. Marc Randazza got that blog removed and the name was even spelled different. Marc Randazza does not have to follow the law nor does Marc Randazza have to respect your constitutional rights.

Marc Randazza uses connections in high places to ruin lives, scare and intimidate people, silence blogs, and SUPPRESS Free Speech. 

See it was in the top ten for searches for Marc Randazza and he had google remove it, TO Suppress FREE Speech. Marc Randazza has had many of my blogs deleted, removed, erased, blocked.. all this from a Lawyer who claims to support Free Speech.. Marc Randazza DOES NOT support Free Speech.

Marc Randazza is the Number One Free Speech SUPPRESSING Lawyer.

Marc Randazza is a Lying Hypocrite.  Marc Randazza promotes stalkers. Marc Randazza lies to his potential clients. Marc Randazza is a cruel, heartless, ignorant, unethical man.

Do your Homework regarding Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza has connections at Godaddy, Connections at Wordpress, Connections at Google, Connections among other attorneys that appear to work cases opposite of him but really seem to be working with him so the attorneys can screw their clients.

Marc Randazza thinks he is above the law, and the constitutional rights of those who he does not feel deserves equal rights. Marc Randazza is right, as Marc Randazza IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Marc Randazza uses the legal system to violate people's constitutional rights, just like a common thug. Marc Randazza has NO REGARD for your Free Speech Rights. Marc Randazza is all about MONEY, Games, Power, Control and in no way is Marc Randazza a Supporter of FREE SPEECH.

Marc Randazza is a Dangerous Man, Who is Above the Law.

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