Aug 2, 2012

Folks, it does not matter if whiny baby Marc Randazza wins the UDRP dispute. The point is forever made that Marc Randazza was not an expert in the Domain Industry as he did not even buy that Domain Name, I Did. I am the Expert, NOT Marc Randazza.

On top of that, Marc Randazza fights to the Domain Names, yet defends others to own dotcoms that contain the name of other parties, and defends people like me owning a dotcom resembling another's name.  This is of record, and was Exhibits in my Czech response. Do your homework.  Marc Randazza uses the law to violate peoples constitutional rights.  Marc Randazza even files protective orders to suppress Free Speech and over domain name disputes. Yet Marc Randazza pretends to be a Domain Name Expert, he Clearly is not. And whether Marc Randazza gets control of or not, the point is AGAIN, forever made.

So huff and Puff Asshole. You are nothing but a Bully. You have threatened my life and livlihood. You threatened Monica Foster on a forum, you stole a domain name from her account. You lied to me as a potential client and used information against me. You got upset over a Domain name and conspired with the Plaintiff's Attorney and the judge, in direct opposition of Free Speech. You know that I did not Exort you. You know you lied about Stephanie DeYoung. You have painted me in False Light and used your legal connections to force your WILL upon the legal system in all matters regarding me. You are a dangerous man, whom threatens people and uses the legal system to rob, lie, cheat and steal from those who trusted you.

You did not do right by me from the first phone call. you can yap all you want to your circle jerk of lawyer buddies, you can have a million articles printed about me and file UDRP complaints til your blue in the balls, and still I WIN as I was smarter then you in the first place and I am telling the Truth, I am in the White Light and have extorted no one and am simple EXPOSING your Lawyer Tactics that ruin lives.

So Marc Randazza keep filing shit, keep getting protective orders, keep shutting down my wordpress blogs and Google accounts, keeping stealing domain names your too dumb to buy, keep talking on those radio shows and trying to make me look like the bad guy. Thing is, to anyone who can read the cases, read the exhibits, read your emails, and discover all aspects of this WAR, well they can easily see that you are LYING, acting Illegally and above the law, have crony connections that allow you to violate the constitutional rights of who ever you please and that you are simply and asshole that uses threats and lawsuits to get buy and if that don't work, you wish their car over a cliff or have you buddies threaten the ol' kneecaps.

So Marc Randazza enjoy you Battle with me, as I am not playing, do as you please. You make a bigger ass out of yourself everyday. I am a Hero, a Saint, a Warrior of Light, and I Stand on the Right Side of the Moral Compass Period. I know my TRUTH regardless of the SHIT you throw.

PS, amazing how I got so strong in the search isn't it. I am the Bomb, don't ya think? Come on, you know it's True. So go ahead and STEAL it, take all my work, time, money, whatever I STILL WIN, Asshole.

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