Nov 9, 2012

Eric P. Robinson, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Counts Law Group, EXPOSED for Ignorance over Law and Facts. Eric P. Robinson, CUNY Graduate School has NOT researched the Real Documents of Obsidian V. Cox, yet Eric P. Robinson Spouts Gibberish as If he is an Authority. Clearly Eric P. Robinson, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Should STOP Teaching Media Law. When obviously Eric P. Robinson, Graduate School of Journalism, CANNOT READ.

Eric Robinson of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College has painted Pro Se Defendant Blogger  in false light from his very first article attempting to explain what he thought was the essence of the Obsidian Finance Group V. Crystal Cox, Legal Threat. 

Eric P. Robinson has NOT done his in depth, homework on the Obsidian Finance Group V. Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox Blogger, instead Eric P. Robinson has simply regurgitated mis-information such as the MYTH that I claimed I had a secret source, which simply did NOT Happen.

Flat Out Lies and Gibberish told by Media Law Teacher, Friend of Marc Randazza Eric P. Robinson.  You can Call this Blog Post:  Motion Requesting that Eric P. Robinson of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College pull his head out of his ASS and actually learn the Real Obsidian V. Cox Story, or STOP blathering about it.

Eric P. Robinson, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College, as is of counsel to the Counts Law Group is defaming blogger Crystal Cox and painting the Obsidian V. Cox story in False Light, knowingly.

Read the Court Documents Eric P. Robinson, Read the Facts.

Enjoy My "Independent Product" My "Media".

Pro Se Defendant Blogger Crystal L. Cox DID NOT Claim a Confidential Source in the Defamation Lawsuit, Obsidian Finance Group V. Crystal Cox.

Seattle Weekly Claimed that I Claimed a Secret Source. THIS NEVER Happened.

Use your Brain, Eric P. Robinson. 

The Whole World knew For Years that my Source was Stephanie Studebaker DeYoung as well as other insiders of the Summit Bankruptcy and the Court Documents that accompanied this VERY High Profile, High Dollar Bend Oregon Bankruptcy of a 1031 Exchange Company.

The Plaintiff's Attorney David S. Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm, was involved in the corruption I am STILL Alleging regarding the Summit Bankruptcy. David S. Aman,  Deposed Stephanie Studebaker DeYoung 3 Years Prior and asked her about me Blogger Crystal Cox.

Here is that exact Question from Plaintiff's Attorney David S. Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm to Stephanie Studebaker DeYoung under oath August of 2009, years before Plaintiff Sued Blogger Crystal Cox.

More on the Topic of David Aman Deposing Stephanie DeYoung Regarding Crystal Cox

The Plaintiff's Attorney David S. Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm also knew for years that my source was a Judicial Proceeding, an Objection to the Fees and Court Filings of a Federal Bankruptcy Proceeding.,%20Tonkon%20Torp%20for%20Obsidian%20Finance%20Group%20Trustee%20Kevin%20Padrick

More on the Objection to Fees Topic

Take Note when you read the version of Obsidian V. Cox Reality of Eric P. Robinson, that he is also friends, allies with Porn Attorney Marc Randazza whom is at WAR with me, Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox Blogger, for not choosing him to represent me in the biggest Free Speech Case One, Independent Blogger has ever seen.

The Obsidian V Crystal Cox case will change Law for all bloggers and Citizen Journalists Everywhere.  And will change Shield Laws, how Retraction Laws are viewed with Bloggers and More.  Marc Randazza is hell bent on revenge and has lied over and over in order to set up Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox Blogger.

Judge Marco Hernandez attempting to single me out, as JUST Me is NOT Protected because of my "Alleged" behavior, is NOT Based in Law and has no Merit of TRUTH.

Marc Randazza conspired with the Plaintiff's Attorney David Aman and Judge Marco Hernandez to set me up and has continued committing a Hate Crime while getting his friends such as Eric P. Robinson to paint Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox Blogger in false light and make me look as if a criminal in order to protect Portland Oregon Corruption and the EGO of Porn Attorney, friend of Eric P. Robinson, Marc Randazza.

Here is the Latest Twisted Facts from Eric P. Robinson, My Comments Follow

Eric P. Robinson Article 

"A federal judge's ruling that a blogger was not covered by Oregon's reporters' shield law is being appealed to the Ninth Circuit, and is getting some amicus support from media organizations. But the appeal -- and the amici -- are not addressing the main issue that led to an online uproar over the trial judge's initial decision.

Both the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (where I once worked) and, a site that covers U.S. Supreme Court cases in intimate detail, have filed amicus briefs in the case, concerned that the courts not define "media" and "journalist" in such a way that bloggers are not categorically denied coverage by state reporters' shield laws.

As I wrote at the time, a federal judge's decision holding that blogger Crystal Cox was not protected by Oregon's reporters' shield law in a defamation suit against her -- which led to a $2.5 million verdict against her -- was not as dire a threat to bloggers as it was portrayed at the time. The judge -- District Judge Marco A. Hernandez -- did not deny Cox the protection of the shield law primarily because she is a blogger, but because she was attempting to claim that there was a confidential source for the information sought by the court and, at the same time, use the existence of that source as evidence that she did not act with negligence in making the blog post at issue. In other words, she was attempting to use the existence of the source – which she refused to identify – as evidence in her defense. This is known as using the reporter’s privilege as both a "sword and shield," and is specifically prohibited by Oregon's shield law statute. See Ore. Rev. Stat. 44.530(3).

The decision did include problematic language about the application of the shield law to bloggers, even though it was not the basis of the ruling. Judge Hernandez focused on a list in the statute's definition of "medium of communication", and found that bloggers like Cox did not fit under any of these categories. In doing so, he ignored that the statute says that “medium of communication” includes not only the specific media listed, and explicitly states that its coverage is not limited to the listed media.

While this language in the decision was not Judge Hernandez's rationale for his ruling, it got most of the attention. So much so that Judge Hernandez apparently felt the need to respond, which he did in asubsequent ruling (which I also covered) denying Cox's motion for a new trial. 

In my discussion, I did not state that a person who "blogs" could never be considered "media." I also did not state that to be considered "media," one had to possess all or most of the characteristics I recited. Rather, I confined my conclusion to the record defendant created in this case and noted that defendant had presented no evidence as to any single one of the characteristics which would tend to establish oneself as a member of the "media."

Hernandez also noted in the second decision that Cox had offered "public relations" services – including removal of her blog posts – to the defendants after they complained.  "The suggestion was that defendant offered to repair the very damage she caused for a small but tasteful monthly fee," Hernandez wrote. "This feature, along with the absence of other media features, led me to conclude that defendant was not media."

Cox's appeal of the $2.5 million verdict does not address her status as a member of the media under the Oregon shield law. Instead, it argues that the trial court was incorrect in its ruling of what the plaintiffs who sued her for libel had to show in order to prevail, and that the $2.5 million award was not supported by the evidence. 

The Reporters Committee brief argues that the heightened protection provided to journalists, including shield law protection and heightened requirements on plainitffs, should apply regardless of medium. "In light of the recent evolution in the media industry and its shift toward online publication," the brief argues, "this case presents an opportunity for this Court to recognize that nontraditional journalists can claim the constitutional protections of Gertz [v. Robert Welch, Inc., 418 U.S. 323 (1974)] ." But the Reporters Committee brief does not address the specific reasons that Judge Hernandez denied Cox coverage under the shield law.

The brief also does not address Judge Hernandez's specific shield law ruling. But it otherwise makes a similar argument as the Reporters Committee brief: that blogs such as should receive the same First Amendment protection as other forms of media. "[A] 'blog' that provides a useful public service ... ought to receive the protections of the First Amendment can face potential liability, yet not be able to satisfy most of the criteria identified by the district court," the brief argues.

As a blogger myself -- and a free speech advocate -- I agree that bloggers should receive the same First Amendment protection under shield laws and U.S. Supreme Court precedent as other forms of informational media. But while the fact that material is posted online should in and of itself not be a barrier to such protection, not all material posted online is "journalism," and thus should not automatically receive such protection.

Blogs like -- and, I hope, -- are sources of news and commentary that should receive First Amendment protection. But courts considering these cases should look at the purpose and goal of any online site to make a fact-specific determination on this question."

Source of Gibberish, Flat Out Lies and mis-information above.


Pro Say Defendant Blogger Crystal Cox Comments to the above Post

Read the Court Documents, I DID NOT Claim a Confidential Source.  Seattle Weekly first reported that, and as you see from the actual documents, I DID NOT CLAIM A Secret Source of any Kind.  The Whole World New For Years that my Source was Stephanie DeYoung, the Plaintiff Deposed her 3 Years Prior. Read the Facts.

Here is that Question in the Stephanie DeYoung Deposition

Here is the Whole Deposition, NOT a Secret, Never Was

Some Facts to the Bull Above that ERIC P. ROBINSON did not care to look into but has no liability for repeating, assuming and defaming.

If ERIC P. ROBINSON actually did his homework he would know the FACTS of this case. Instead ERIC P. ROBINSON  is spouting gibberish, defaming me, and has NEVER got my side of the story nor has he actually read the documents involved, that is another fact.

See, Eric Robinson of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College, as is of counsel to the Counts Law Group, seems to be jealous that my case is setting such massive precedence, and is the most IMPORTANT Case of Any Independent Media, Independent Blogger Anywhere.

I am New Media, I have over 1000 Blogs, the Goal is to EXPOSE Corruption and To Provide Internet Media, Marketing. I have done this 10 years, and have been an Investigative Blogger for over 5.  I am not the one exception such as Corrupt, Lying Judge Marco Hernandez Said in his Denial of a New Trial. Judge Marco Hernandez Ruled the way he did to  protect corruption Portland Oregon Corruption. However, I don't think that just those deemed "Media" should be Protected by the First Amendment. I Believe that all speakers to the public SHOULD be equally protected by the First Amendment AND not just those deemed "Media".

Again, there was NEVER, EVER a Secret Source. Stephanie Studebaker Deyoung was deposed by the Plaintiff Regarding Blogger Crystal Cox years prior to David Aman, Attorney Suing Blogger Crystal Cox

Here is that Video Deposition, In Case YOU Missed it Above.

I, Pro Se Defendant Blogger Crystal Cox brought over 500 pages of proof of the source of my ONE Blog Post, and it was thrown out as here say, here are those documents

I also included the Following Videos in my Proof of Source Document, and over 500 page Trial Documents I gave the Courts.

Here is my Trial Memorandum

Here is the Court Transcripts the Day Before the Trial

Judge Marco Hernandez Ruling that Came from Above Hearing Topics

Here is the Court Transcripts from the Trial

Obsidian Finance Group V. Crystal Cox Court Docket

 Eric Robinson of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College is not concerned with the Summit Bankruptcy, that's fine, however, the back story is very important, instead  Eric Robinson of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College simply spouts negative comments, assumes, and simply does not think this all through before he writes up some blather that is not based in FACT.

In Regard to This Quote above, Hernandez also noted in the second decision that Cox had offered "public relations" services".  

If this, "public relations" services", was a factor of Obsidian v. Cox, then why was it not part of the Case? Use your Brain  Eric Robinson of CUNY Graduate School.  Also, NOTE that I was threatened with a Lawsuit on December 22nd, 2010, the Blog Post that became the ONLY Material Fact to Obsidian V. Cox, the ONE Blog Post I was on Trial For, was posted December 25th.  A 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit was Filed against me, Blogger Crystal Cox on January 14th 2011.  I sent an eMail offering services for a "tasty fee" on January 19th 2011. This was a Settlement Communication and an offering to STOP Litigation. 

David Aman Offered me many such "Outs", some of which were to the extent that if I Conspire with him to set up others, the Plaintiff would let me out of a 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit. Which is Illegal. Here is some links on that.  

Settlement Communication and Alleged Extortion Research Links

There were over 5 "Tasty" Settlement Offers from Tonkon Torp Attorney David Aman, Allegedly on Behalf of Plaintiff Obsidian Finance Group, Kevin Padrick.

IN January, David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney and Plaintiff Kevin D. Padrick flew to L.A. to meet with my Attorney and make me an "Offer" to Settle. Was this Extortion? 

Also note that after the Obsidian V. Cox Appeal was Filed, David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney and Plaintiff Kevin D. Padrick offered me another Settlement Offer. Of which I rejected as I am dedicated to the Truth coming out regarding Tonkon Torp, David Aman, Obsidian Finance Group, DOJ Trustee Pamela Griffith, Kevin Padrick and ALL involved in the Summit Bankruptcy. And I am dedicated to the Rights of Citizen Journalists and Bloggers to be treated equally with Big Media, Traditional Media, in the Courts. 

The Bankruptcy Code Violations I was and am alleging are TRUE.  
Here are a Few Research Links.

Public Meeting Taped when Insider, Kevin Padrick was under contract with the Debtor, Before he turned on his own clients and became the Trustee.

Contract Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group had with the Debtor Summit, BEFORE they filed for Bankruptcy.

Summit Principal Mark Neuman Depostion, Online for Years, and also source information

Obsidian Finance Group perjured themselves on the Witness Stand in Obsidian V. Cox Regarding the Issues surrounding being an "Insider" in the Summit Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Codes that Apply, in which I believe were violated by Kevin Padrick, and condoned by Judge Randall Dunn and Department of Justice Trustee Pamela Griffith.

Kevin Padrick Perjured himself on the stand in his under oath testimony in regard to the Summit Bankruptcy and a Contract with Summit, Research Link Below. 

Patty Whittington Testimony

David Brown Testimony

Others issues that dimwitted Media Law Professor ERIC P. ROBINSON fails to even notice is that I was and am, really exposing massive corruption and that what I am exposing is part of a Judicial Proceeding, an Objection to Fees and a High Profile VERY public Bankruptcy Case based out of Bend Oregon that had over 100 victims in over 5 states and involved title companies, real estate firms, and more across many states. Also this particular bankruptcy case was a 1031 Exchange Company, in that it affected all Real Estate and Tax Professionals, as well as Real Estate Consumers.

The Summit Bankruptcy in It's entirety if a Judicial Proceeding and is Of Public Interest and Public Concern. Blogger Crystal Cox should have been granted the Defense of Absolute Privilege in this regard.

One of the elements of the Summit Bankruptcy Judicial Proceeding was a complaint called Objection to the Fees ( a Judicial Proceeding) filed by the Summit Insiders, it included internal emails stating that the appointment of a Trustee was bad for creditors. That Susan Ford, Sussman Shank Email is Below.  David Aman knows all of this and turns a blind eye to corruption and continues to harass and intimidate investigative blogger Crystal Cox.

Another element of this legal proceeding was emails to David Aman from attorney Robert Opera. Below is Links Regarding Robert Opera Communications with Tonkon Torp, David Aman. 

Emails from Robert Opera to David S. Aman

Klondike Point and Century Drive Attorney, Robert Opera Raises Issues with Obsidian Finance Group, Kevin Padrick's Legal Counsel David Aman of Tonkon Torp, David Aman therefore new of Possible Future Tax Issues

Here is emails with Creditor Attorney Robert Opera and David Aman, Attorney for the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox and Attorney for Obsidian Finance Group, Kevin Padrick in the Summit Bankruptcy.

Doesn't it seem odd that a Federal Judge Would play so ignorant and say that Oregon's BIGGEST Bankruptcy Ever, and one of the Biggest 1031 Exchange Companies to ever go bankruptcy, was NOT of Public Interest. They all acted as If I was the only one in the world with an issue, when that was simply a Flat OUT Lie. I was a Blogger Getting the Story Heard. Their Corrupt Lies, Accusations and Rulings  were attempts to SILENCE information, and to Stop Me, investigative blogger Crystal Cox from Exposing them all. The Judgement did not stop me. I am still EXPOSING them and dedicated to doing so.

The Summit Bankruptcy was HIGHLY Public, there was massive media and controversy over the Summit Bankruptcy. Judge Marco Hernandez knew full well that this was Of Public Concern, Judge Marco Hernandez is connected to Judge Michael Simon who was one of the Creditors Attorneys involved in the Summit Bankruptcy.  Judge Marco Hernandez illegally, repeatedly refused to sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure in Obsidian V. Cox.

Perkins Coie was the Creditors Attorneys. Steven Hedberg, main attorney used to work In fact for Kevin Padrick at Miller Nash Law Firm.  Michael Simon was involved in a VERY Big, Very Public Part that even was named in SEC Filings, this was the Umpqua Bank Lawsuits. Here are a few links for Eric P. Robinson, seeings how he cannot research this on his own.

Umpqua Bank Lawsuits (Seriously, Do You Believe this was NOT of Public Interest or Concern, Judge Marco Hernandez was Protecting them, DUH )
"Both Kevin Padrick, the court-appointed trustee for Summit's 2008 U.S. Bankruptcy Court filing, and Michael Simon, the attorney for some of Summit's creditors, told the Bend newspaper they were barred from discussing the settlement."

Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group has Been Highly Public for Years, to Name a Few

Kevin Padrick got the very lucrative Trustee Job from past connections with Leon Simson now of Tonkon Torp Law Firm, Pamela Griffith now Department of Justice Trustee that was supposed to oversee the Summit Bankruptcy, and his connection to Steven Hedberg who use to work for Kevin Padrick at Miller Nash.

A Few Research Links on these Connections

Tonkon Torp, Obsidian Finance and Judge Hernandez committed fraud on the courts and made all Blogs and New Media Collateral Damage as they flat out lied about the Summit Bankruptcy being of Public Interest, Public Concern, Talked about in the "Media" and a massive controversy.

Other Public "Media" From that Time. These are a "few" links, there are a whole lot more, if you can figure out how to research this matter, instead of believing the Corrupt Spewing Lies of those Involved in the Corruption I am Alleging.  - This is a Public Warning to All Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Real Estate Companies and the Public at Large.

Accusations of Securities Fraud ( Of Public Interest)
Also Note at the Link Above "Enron Corp. is the mother of all examples of a client dragging its lawyers or accountants down with the ship — in this case the now defunct accounting firm Arthur Andersen." Enron and Arthur Anderson were involved in the 13 Trillion Dollar Technology Theft of the iViewit Technology. Tonkon Torp Represented Enron and wanted to silence me as I was and am exposing ALL involved in the Stolen iViewit Technology.  In Document 136 and 137 of Obsidian V. Cox, David Aman Tonkon Torp added Eliot Bernstein as a Defendant to Obsidian V. Cox in order to intimidate him and to suppress blogs exposing the iViewit Scandal.  Also Note that their Star Witness "Gary Stachlowski of PNW Tax Advisors" is  Formerly of Arthur Anderson.

FBI Press Release on Summit Bankruptcy, involving multiple government agencies.

""The Summit Bankruptcy is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Postal Inspectors, and the Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities. Assistant U.S. Attorney Seth Uram and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Helen Cooper, as part of a partnership venture between the Seattle Region, Social Security Administration, Office of the General Counsel and the United States Attorney’s Office in Portland, Oregon, are prosecuting the case.""

As Seen at the FBI Link Below

Connections with Judge Marco Hernandez and Judge Michael Simon, there are many more, this is just to point you in the right direction.

A Federal Judge pushes in a Bankruptcy Trustee, that had previously worked for the Debtor and had a breach of contract, this is NOT Legal. The Judge Randall Dunn Hearing is in the Upper Left of the Link Below.

Massive Solar Projects, Federal Money, State Grants were involves as they are connected to the Summit Bankruptcy and at this same time, and they were of Public Interest, Public Concern and Controversy at that time, here are a "few" research Links

Senators Involved in this Scandal. Timber REITS and Valuations Were Involved.

Solar REITS, TIMOs, Wattage Agreements, and Federal Lands were also involved

PacifiCorp Connections Research Links

Oregon Energy Trust and BETC Credits

Smart Energy Capital

OF Public Concern, Obsidian Finance Group SUED the State of Oregon because they wanted millions more then they were getting.

Eric Robinson of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College Says,
"Blogs like -- and, I hope,my blog  -- are sources of news and commentary that should receive First Amendment protection. But courts considering these cases should look at the purpose and goal of any online site to make a fact-specific determination on this question."

Link to Source,

Note to Eric P. Robinson: You are So Full of SHIT

The Purpose of my Blogs are Clear, they are to EXPOSE Corruption, I have lots of Documents and Sources. And I am the Best Search Engine Reputation Manager in the WORLD. Yes I Cuss, I have a Truly "Independent Product, I Capitalize in odd places, and I even use improper Grammer. Cuz, gee, um It is MY Blog, My "Medium to the Public" and in my own Unique Style.

You SHOULD Not Be Legally Protected as you seem to think your blogs are news and commentary and mine are just, well, NOT. You are WRONG in every way and SHOULD quit teaching Media Law, because you are Clueless and you are to lazy to actually investigate a story before you rant gibberish and flat out lies.

Oh and If you Think I am Guilty of Extortion, Asshole, Do your Homework. Why were there no charges, why was Extortion not part of the Case. Pull YOUR Head Out, ERIC P. ROBINSON.

They all violated my rights to protect corruption, and had it been YOU, the Same thing would have happened. There is Billions a year at stake, look deep if you can find the time to READ the FACTS.

Ask Yourself, why did Judge Marco Hernandez Rule that Retraction Laws Do Not Apply to Blogs?

So ERIC P. ROBINSON, who is painting me in false light, either learn the facts or parden my French but SHUT the Fuck Up. If you don't have the time or the brains to learn the real back story and the real details and apply actual law that really pertains then quietly remove yourself form the conversation. ~ Don't Make me File a Motion to Pull your Head out of your ASS. 

Obviously You don't have to Like Me, but why continue to make it look like I am different then your blogs, or any other blogger just because you don't like my style. STOP, Think, Dig in and Quit protecting your friend Marc Randazza and Kenneth White of the Lynch Mob.

There is no Legal, Ethical, Logical Reason that Judge Marco Hernandez, Corruptly RULED that Oregon Retraction Laws DO Not Apply To Blogs.

Further Research Links, If you Can Read and Want Facts. Ignore if your Happy with Listening to the Gibberish and Ignorance of ERIC P. ROBINSON.

Further Miller Nash, Kevin Padrick and Enron Connections

A "few" Research Links

Below is Summit Whistle Blower Stephanie DeYoung's Blog, Online Since Aprox. July 2009

Yes Blogs are Media and Judge Hernandez was Wrong, However, all speakers to the public SHOULD be equally protected by the First Amendment AND not just those deemed "Media".

More Coming to This Post Soon

Connected Parties and Keyword Research:

Kevin D. Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group, Pamela Griffith, Robert Miller Jr., Stephanie Studebaker DeYoung, Lane Lyons, Brian Stevens, PacifiCorp, Michael Dunn, Randall Dunn, Michael Sullivan, Patrick Flaherty, Valerie Wright, Annie Buell, John Tennant, Michael Simon, Perkins Coie Law Firm, Miller Nash Law Firm, Tonkon Torp Law Firm, Sussman Shank Law Firm, Susan Ford, Tom Stilley, Leon Simson, David S. Aman, David Aman, Haley Bjerk, Terry Vance, Patty Whittington, Patricia Whittington, John Whittington, Joe Whittington, David W. Brown, Ryan Norwood, Ewan Rose, Bill Smith, William Smith, Jim Hull, Steven Hedberg, Ron Wyden, Gordon Smith, Jeanette L. Thomas, Jeffrey Gray, Benjamin Ray Eliason, Sharon Stevens, Deschutes County Social Worker, IRS Agents, Guy Vernon, Jim Diegel, St Charles Hospital, Robert Opera, Steve Cappy, Kevin J. McCarty, Valerie Wright, Bend DA Office, Andrew Moore, Bend Bulletin, Oregonian Newspaper, Jeff Manning, Any FBI Coorespondence, Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, United States Postal Inspectors, Internal Revenue Service, Assistant U.S. Attorney Seth D. Uram, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Helen,  Cooper, Timothy Larkin, Summit Accommodators, Summit 1031 Exchange, Umpqua Bank, Ray Davis, and any person, entity or agency communication what so ever in regard to United States Bankruptcy Court Case No. 08-37031 rld11 District of Oregon,  Summit Accommodators, Inc., dba Summit 1031 Exchange, Debtor, Case No. 08-37031 rld11.

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