Nov 18, 2012

Is Marc Randazza Butt Buddies with Bob Garfield of NPR? Bob Garfield sure does some Radical, Unethical, Unlawful interviews to Promote Marc Randazza against Crystal Cox and Is AnybodyUpYet,

P.S. Fuck You Bob Garfield of NPR, you are on the WRONG side of the Law, Wrong Side of the Moral Compass Work for the DEVIL Marc Randazza.

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"A website called "Is Anybody Down" has popped up to fill the niche that was left when the revenge porn site "Is Anyone Up" shut down in April of this year. Like its predecessor, the site allows users to submit naked photos of other people and include links to the naked person's social networking page. But according to attorney Marc Randazza, this website's business model is slightly different from Is Anyone Up, and is of questionable legality. Bob talks to Randazza and Is Anybody Down's founder Craig Brittain."

I mean come on, Seriously AN Hour of TERROR when a Domainer, a Blogger buys a Domain Name, Really? NOPE its just the Bob Garfield NPR agenda to support Marc Randazza so they can all keep their dirty, evil, fucked up secrets.

This is such Bullshit, Marc Randazza sounds like a Clueless, Ignorant DIPSHIT.

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