Jul 7, 2012

Marc Randazza is the ONE who wanted to Work for Me. He Got his Panties in a bunch when I Rejected Him because he was an Unethically Bully. Now his Circle Jerk Friends Believe he is oh so "babe in the woods". My Ass !! Marc Randazza is a cunning, calculating DEVIL.

Constitutional Rights Lawyer? I don't Think SO..

Defender of Free Speech ? NO Way.

Flat Out Liar? You Bet.

I never asked for Money from Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. I had not written a word when we discussed Internet Marketing. Marc Randazza is a Lying Asshole. Read ALL the Facts OR be an Illiterate Dumbass and side with your Buddy Porn Attorney Hypocrite Marc John Randazza.

The Truth will Prevail. No matter who wins the whiny baby, Free Speech Suppressing Domain Name Dispute.  The Truth will Rise to the Top regarding Master of Illusions, Hypocrite Free Speech Suppression and the Flat Out Double Standards of Domain Name Lawyer, Free Speech Lawyer Marc Jackoff Randazza.

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