Jul 14, 2012

Tips to Crystal Cox Blogger From "Randazza Insider".


Keep up your hard work! You ARE on to the hunt! Just like any tiger though, you have him by the tail. The light will not go out if good people keep the power to the light. Firstly you are RIGHT about United States vs. Randazza. It is BLANK! Do NOT be fooled by frenemies. friENEMIES are "friends who will FRY you and are ENEMIES". If you ask a lawyer/advocate/judge as to WHY that case is BLANK, remember who they have LOYALTY to. They have it to themselves and to the SYSTEM that feeds them. SOME want money. SOME want to be on the Supreme Court. Will they who want these things risk exposing the truth that starts in Hemmer and that ends in Randazza vs. United States; in that case's files. (PAPER files, not electronic that can be changed)

SOME lawyer MAY tell you the TRUTH. MOST will not. The friENEMY will tell you something to make you confused and to make you stop looking and to stop digging. If you ask an advocate and they tell you something that sounds like it is meant to put you off of the trail, then they must be SUSPECT. There is SO MUCH MONEY at stake. SO MUCH POWER! I have looked at that case too. They told me that it was nothing. Stop looking. STOP LOOKING, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

But IF you find the lawyer and advocate who says "YES, Randazza vs. United States - it IS NOT KOSHER" and they encourage you to go to WASHINGTON. To the ARCHIVES. They can't make all the papers disappear. NOT ALL! If you find this ONE (maybe two) lawyer who is honest, and she or he gives you encouragement, then you know that you found someone who can not be BOUGHT. AND it will be a woman lawyer probably. Men have the strings and give them up only if FORCED. 

The explosion, it IS not normal at ALL. DID YOU NOTICE THIS? (in the article about it)

"As Sargent walked down the stair case, while calling the oil company on his cellphone, the house exploded."

Coincidence?  How does THAT kind of timing happen? Was he REALLY on the phone with the OIL company? Why? For a GAS leak? HE called the OIL company for a GAS problem, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, when he is on the phone with them, the detonation happens? WHY? 

And THIS "Graves said this morning that he did not have access yet to work crew records for that area so he could not confirm if work had been done in recent days."


AND do you wonder why someone is NOW in the public eye, but really only AFTER Mister "Nuclear powerplant scientist" is gone? "He's cool" indeed! WHY would the bank robber say "he's cool". Criminality is not learned. Criminality is in the blood. Where is RANDAZZA from? Why are there only so few "RANDAZZA" in United States and so many RANDAZZO? You can not hide the truth by changing ONE letter! Not from the truth! EASTER EXPOSE! "

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