Jul 27, 2012

Marc Randazza will Do ANYTHING to Silence Free Speech. Marc Randazza is So Full of Shit as he Blathers on and on how he is Pro the First Amendment. See Marc Randazza can DISH IT OUT, but Marc Randazza CANNOT take it.

First Amendment Advocate.. Marc Randazza acts like the First Amendment is so important to him, Marc Randazza does this to get client. See really Marc Randazza, will sue, perjure himself, remove blogs, lie, threaten, paint in false light, steal intellectual property, and intimidate those who dare tell talk about Marc Randazza in their First Amendment Rights sort of Way.

Marc Randazza is a HATER of Free SPEECH unless you pay him to defend your Free Speech Rights, hey is that Extortion. I Say Yes. Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite INDEED.

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