Jul 14, 2012

Tips to Crystal Cox Blogger From "Randazza Insider".

From: Randazza Insider <randazza.insider@googlemail.com>
To: savvybroker@yahoo.com; whistleblowermedia@gmail.com
Sent: Saturday, April 7, 2012 7:30 PM
Subject: Important Information on MARC RANDAZZA


Your investigative blogger skills are good. More thorough than any REAL JOURNALIST that anyone would see. But, of course, the courts are all wrapped up with organized crime. You need a friend. I can't come out of the shadows, but Woodward and Bernstine had their "deep throat". And you can have me.  

Find a copy of this case: United States vs Hemmer, 729 F.2d 10. That went all the way to the supreme court. But if you try and find it there it is "united states v. RANDAZZA." That case was from 1984 and Marc (who has aliases, by the way) was pretty young then. But he was 15 and old enough to know what was going on and there are more connections.  

IT is VERY IMPORTANT that you get the citation right. 467 U.S. 1218. RANDAZZA vs UNITED STATES. 467 U.S. 1218 You saw how the system messes with you if you mess up some stupid "procedure' thing. If you tell them 467 U.S. 1219, they won't say "oh you got the page wrong". They will just tell you NOTHING is there. They are VERY careful about this. BEAT THEM at their own game. If you get a copy of this BLANK order from the SUPREME COURT you should post it on your website and WATCH then. THEN you will see Marky MARC the "Free speech attorney" start to squirm like a silly squid on a hook!

When you look at a case from the SUPREME COURT, don't you expect them to write something? Then why is RANDAZZA v. UNITED STATES just a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER? WHY? You don't need to have a doctors degree in journalism or any accreditations to put clues together. You just need to be investigative and not give up. And post that supreme court order and see his tones and tails change FAST.  


Look in the HEMMER case. The court says "As they were locking the four individuals in the vault, one of the robbers commented to his accomplices in reference to the young boy, "Don't hurt him, he's cool." Defendant Randazza is related to the 13-year-old."  MMM HMMMMM. What do you think is happening NOW? What kind of "connections" do you think you can uncover JUST with that informant materials?   

The details in after that are a bit hard to find but read this---:   http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2009/01/explosion_destr.html   

If you read the HEMMER case you can see parts of why UNITED STATES V. RANDAZZA was BURIED. ERASED. LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED!

But, in that case - you find out that this all happens in GLOUCESTER, where we all know that old Marky Marc is from!  (DONT GO DOWN THE TRAIL TO GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA - WHERE IT GETS CONFUSING.  RANDAZZA NEVER LIVED THERE).

Do more research.  

Who is this? 


Grandpa. Grandpa who worked for who? NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. How does a guy in the NUCLEAR industry have ties to someone who a bank robber says "Don't hurt him, he's cool?" HE DID NOT SAY "he is just a kid", he said "HES COOL." WHY?  

You are scratching the surfaces of some of the doubloons in the treasure chest with his connection to republican operatives. You are right that he was trying to do ANYTHING to suck up for a job. He is too STUPID to do it any other way. but you CANT underestimate how SNEAKY he is. I know of one meeting he had with one of the Romneys in Fort Myers, Florida. It was not with Mitt, who would never bee seen with the like of him, but with MITT's Nephew. 

They met at Marky Marc's house at 4610 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FLORIDA. RIGHT after that meeting, Marky Marc moved, ALL OF A SUDDEN, to1950 Via Palermo, Winter Park, FL. from a little house in Fort Myers, to a HUGE house in the swankiest part of Winter Park, and then THEN he starts popping up in the PORN industry. fishy? Fishy as anything to come out of Gloucester.  

HERE is where good old fashioned public records come into play because if you look up those houses; you can find that Marky Marc was the LAST person to live in both. BOTH were mysteriously "destroyed". One. After. The. Other. The house on the beach is destroyed. Then the mansion on Via Palermo. 

Keep looking. You are finding corruption that the country needs you to tell them about. That SUPREME COURT case is the key."

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