Mar 12, 2012

Coming Soon Regarding Marc Randazza Hypocrite, Asshole and Double Talker

** Open Letter to First Amendment Bar on the Actions and Intentions, Ethics and Journalistic Standards of Me, Blogger Crystal L. Cox, and Marc Randazza's Conversations Regarding Bad Law, Possibly Not Appealing and More.

** Part 2 of Crystal Cox Vs. Marc Randazza Ethics, Integrity, and Standards WAR. Which will include emails from and to Marc Randazza and include the email where I Rejected Marc Randazza as my Attorney, because he disrespected me. Also emails of Marc Randazza asking me if I really wanted to make an Enemy of Him.

** Bar Complaint Filings Regarding Marc Randazza in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts and Nevada by Blogger Crystal Cox Coming Soon

* Federal RICO Complaint Against Marc Randazza Coming Soon.

*Crystal Cox will File a Criminal Complaint as Marc Randazza seems to be aiding and abetting the silencing of an Investigative Blogger Exposing Criminal Activity.

* The Filing of a Qui Tam Lawsuit over connected Issues.

* Also I will be discussing more on the Double Stands of First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza whom is Trying to STEAL because he was to Dumb to Buy it and has no Respect for Women or the First Amendment Rights of Women Smarter then Mark Randazza.

Stay Tuned for Tons More

Crystal L. Cox
ENEMY of Marc J. Randazza, Evil DOER
Investigative Blogger
I WILL Turn UP every DIRTY Secret and Handshake of Marc Randazza and if Marc Randazza Kills Me, my Voice Will Live on Through my Fans.  "Life is Winter, Death is Spring" - I do not FEAR Death.  I Fight for the Greater Good.

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