Mar 30, 2012

Marc Randazza Defends Rush Limbaugh in ALLEGED Free Speech Rights, While Marc Randazza TAKES away the Rights of Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of ALL Bloggers and Citizens Journalists.

Marc Randazza Says it is Un-American to pull Rush Limbaugh off the air, and Marc Randazza Seems to claim it Rush Limbaugh's right say what he wants to. While at the very same time Marc Randazza violates the Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

Marc John Randazza, Marc J. Randazza, Marc Randazza is the one who is un-AMERICAN.

Marc Randazza claims to be for First Amendment Rights, yet Marc Randazza threatened to make an Enemy of Blogger Crystal Cox because I bought Marc Randazza .com. Marc Randazza is on some sort of media tour acting as if Marc Randazza Defends Free Speech, yet Marc Randazza is fighting on the WRONG side of Free SPEECH in Obsidian V. Cox ( Kevin Padrick Vs. Blogger Crystal Cox).

Marc Randazza does not seem to believe that the First Amendment, Free Speech thing applies to WOMEN.  Especially Women who are Leaps and Bounds SMARTER then Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza is making quite a spectacle AGAINST women's rights. And Marc Randazza is defending the right for Rush Limbaugh to trash any women he pleases, while at the same time Marc Randazza is threatening me, Blogger Crystal Cox on making an

Marc Randazza is trolling in the Main Stream, Biased, Lying Media for A JOB.  Marc Randazza is doing this by getting on the Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh Story.  Marc Randazza is a Media Whore, and Get's Jobs however he see's fit.  Crystal Cox Blogger, has the BALLS to straight out ask for a Job and Marc Randazza calls me Un-Ethical.

Marc Randazza is PISSED off at Blogger Crystal Cox, because I did not want his Arrogant, Egotistical Dumb Ass Representing Me.  In Fact, I had announced that I would NOT appeal or go for a New Trial if I was not Represented by One Man, an Attorney whom did treat me with respect. And even when he disagrees with me, he explains it in a way that I know, HE Knows I have a BRAIN.

Marc Randazza simply took my information, betrayed the attorney client privilege in a way, as he said he was going to see if he had a conflict with those he represented and get back to me, Blogger Crystal Cox. Meanwhile, I was interviewing other Attorneys, as my Case is HUGE for the Rights of All Corruption Bloggers, Citizen Journalists, Victims Rights and Blogs, CPS Exposing Blogs and I take my responsibility VERY Serious.  I will NOT Silence their VOICE.  So I Chose an Attorney that I felt would have the Brains, Skill, Respect, Dignity and Honor to Represent these Strong Individuals, These Bloggers that give Voice to Victims that NO Other Media Outlet or System of Justice Can or Will.

I CHOSE Not To Go with Marc Randazza. And I, Crystal L. Cox Blogger, had NO IDEA that Marc Randazza was taking my "strategy" my private conversation in interviewing a potential attorney and GOING to the ENEMY per say. That was WRONG, Un-Ethical, Women Hating, Constitutional Rights Violating.  And on top of that Marc Randazza asks me "Do you Really Want to Make and Enemy of Me", and sets out to seek revenge simply because I am better at this Internet Marketing Game then Marc Randazza, and had the BALLS to buy Marc Randazza .com

Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite.  Marc Randazza is a Butthurt, Whining Baby. Marc Randazza is a Thieving Little Shit. Marc Randazza is Un-American and Marc Randazza is all those NAMES he calls OTHERS.

Marc J. Randazza Says, "It's un-American to silence Limbaugh"But at the Same Time Marc John Randazza conspires to silence a VERY important voice to ALL victims of the Culture of Corruption in America, Blogger Crystal Cox who really is FIGHTING with all I HAVE to give voice to victims, and to Fight for the Constitutional Rights of those whom are violated by the Justice System they Pay to Protect them.

Marc Randazza Says, "Far too frequently, Americans find offense in another's art, music or other expression, and then they call for censorship. This is intolerable"

What a Crock of SHIT Marc J. Randazza, I mean certainly I Agree, thing is Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite. Marc Randazza slammed my "Journalistic Standards", Said I had no Ethics, Sought Revenge in making me his ENEMY as previously threatened by offering to give a Deposition AGAINST ME TO THE ENEMY. Marc Randazza wants to CENSOR Blogger Crystal Cox in EVERY Way, yet at the same time Double Talking Hypocrite Marc Randazza is in the Main Stream Media YAP acting as if Censorship is Bad, and people should be able to own whatever domain name they want even if it Accuses Glen Beck of Rape and Murder.

Marc Randazza is now YAPPING in Defense of Asshole, Woman Hater Rush Limbaugh and Marc Randazza is doing this just to get money, jobs.... as Marc Randazza is a Media WHORE. Yet Marc Randazza tells me I don't work for Big Media anymore because they told me they were trying to create a Monopoly so they make more money so I now work for Bloggers and Porn Stars. YEP that is what Ol Un-American Hypocrite Marc Randazza told Blogger Crystal Cox.

Well Fuckhead Marc Randazza it is Un-American for Rush Limbaugh to Slam, Discuss, Judge the Private Life of ANY woman, especially her Sex Life.   It is Un-American for Rush Limbaugh, with his following to talk about a women in that way.  However, I agree it is his Constitutional RIGHT, and it is not Illegal. And ya, Butthurt is Butthurt.  What I do have an ISSUE with is Marc Randazza's double standards when it comes to Blogger Crystal Cox exposing Marc Randazza for what he really is.

Marc Randazza is a on the Wrong Side of Free Speech, the WRONG Side of Women's rights and the working against the First Amendment for All in the Obsidian V. Cox Defamation Lawsuit. ( Kevin Padrick Crystal Cox Lawsuit )

Source of Whiny, Butthurt, Full of Shit Marc Randazza Quotes Above

Supporting Rush Limbaugh's right to slam women and at the same time Denying a Blogger the right to Free Speech because she bought a domain name, Big Daddy Marc Randazza did not approve of, this is NOT in Support of First Amendment Rights.

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