Mar 13, 2012

The Obsidian Finance Vs. Crystal Cox case is So Jurisdictionally Challenged, who knows what Laws Apply, if any really

Marc Randazza is licensed in FL, NV, CA, MA. Marc Randazza Asked me if I objected to the Jurisdiction being Oregon for my Case. Ya that was when Marc Randazza was counseling me, and acting as if he was going to be my attorney. Anyway, here is one states law regarding this..

"An attorney or counselor shall not, without the consent of his or her client, be examined as to any communication made by the client to him or her, or his or her advice given thereon in the course of professional employment." - Now I don't know what laws apply, and I am sure that Marc Fucking Randazza does not believe he had ANY Ethical Duties to me, however Marc Randazza certainly did counsel me on legal matters. So whatever laws that Marc Randazza is above in his Obsidian Vs. Cox Deposition, well I will let you all know how it goes, even when they take this Domain Name Illegally and UnEthically, I will still find a way to get ya the news. If nothing else you can See me on YouTube on WhistleblowerMedia.

As far as "communications" on the Domain name Marc Randazza .com, well I will let you know what Marc Randazza says under oath about this one as well. Hypocrite Marc Randazza says I can't own a domain name with his name in it... hmmmm.. Double Standards Galore for this Guy.

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