Mar 12, 2012

I am the Real Deal Marc Randazza. I Selflessly Give Voice to Victims. I am PART of Bringing Down Corrupt Greed, Corrupt Judges and Attorneys, and Making the LAW obey the Law. I have Give EVERYTHING for THIS.

I am ONE Righteous Mother FUCKER.  

I am What the First Amendment is Truly For, and that is to GIVE Freedom of SPEECH to Those Exposing Corrupt, Thieving, Lying, Evil Assholes like Kevin Padrick Of Obsidian Finance Group and David Aman Lawyer with Tonkon Torp Law Firm Portland Oregon.

You, Marc Randazza,
 can Call me 
"Reverend Mother Fucker". 

Corrupt Cops have Not Silenced Me, Corrupt Judges have not Silenced me, Proskauer Rose Law Firm has NOT Silenced me, Warner Bros. has NOT Silenced me, Intel Corp. has NOT Silenced me, Corrupt County Attorneys have Not Silenced me, David Carr of the New York Times has NOT Silenced me, Kashmir Hill of Forbes has NOT Silenced Me, Jeff Manning of the Oregonian has NOT Silenced Me.

And I will be Damned if some sniveling arrogant asshole Attorney NAMED Marc Randazza will SILENCE Me.  I carry over a thousand victims of corruption on my back and I will ROLL RIGHT OVER YOUR ASS to Protect their VOICE.

Even in my Death, My Voice WILL go On.  You will NOT Trample the First Amendment Rights of the Victims I have Given Voice to for Over 8 Years, just Because of your Butthurt EGO.

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