Mar 14, 2012

Marc Randazza is Silencing Blogger Crystal Cox. Because I Incited Him with my Free Speech and First Amendment Rights. Marc Randazza is a Hypocritical Weasel.

Double Talking Marc Randazza is Silencing Blogger Crystal Cox because I Incited Him, yet Marc Randazza says this Bullshit.  I guess I am a Clear And Present Danger to Marc Randazza, as Marc Randazza is working double time to Silence Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza is on the WRONG Side of the War Against Women.

"marcorandazza says:
Yes we do. We don’t silence someone because we think they might incite someone. Only if their speech presents a “clear and present danger.”. (Near v. Minnesota).
If the government knew that Rush was going to go on the air and immediately call for a Pogrom, and there was evidence that his listeners were ready to go, and just waiting for his signal, then yes. Then we could properly silence him.

Source of Above Marc Randazza Quote

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