Mar 12, 2012

Marc Randazza Says "The First Amendment requires neither tact nor politeness". Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite. Marc Randazza is CENSORING my "view". Marc Randazza's Double Standards are Blatant Attacks on Free Speech for ALL.

"The First Amendment requires neither tact nor politeness. It requires that we permit all views to set up stalls in the marketplace of ideas, and we let that marketplace decide which ideas prevail."
Marc Randazza, Marc J. Randazza, Marc John Randazza Quote Source

Marc Randazza talks BIG, however Marc Randazza does not walk the Marc Randazza talk.

Marc Randazza is working to SHUT Down the Voice of Blogger Crystal Cox by Working with Plaintiff's Attorney David Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm to STEAL the Domain Names once Registered by Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza is pretending to be Subpoenaed by David Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm.

However Marc Randazza really offered himself up to be Deposed AGAINST blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza has done this to punish blogger Crystal Cox, or in Marc Randazza's words make an "enemy" of me.  See Blogger Crystal L. Cox, ME bought Marc Randazza .com, and domain name attorney, all for free speech and First Amendment Rights Allegedly, WELL Marc Randazza got SO Pissed off that he contacted the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox, which is one of the BIGGEST, most Important First Amendment Legal Case ever to hit the Blogsphere... Marc Randazza contacted the Plaintiff's who sued me, and offered to negotiate for me, that was in December. Marc Randazza, then acted as if Marc Randazza represented Blogger Crystal Cox, and yet Marc Randazza did not let me, the potential client know and I had been interviewing other First Amendment Attorneys.

Only to find out from them that Marc Randazza was claiming to represent me and that Marc Randazza had even contacted the Plaintiff's Attorney, David Amen of Tonkon Torp Law Firm BEHIND MY BACK, disclosing my strategy and personal information to the ENEMY. Without my Permission after he spoke with me interviewing to be my Attorney, and me interviewing to be his client.

Marc Randazza said he would get back to me, Marc Randazza did not get back to me until I had to email Marc Randazza and let him know that is was NOT Ok to tell other Attorneys or anyone for that matter that Marc Randazza represented me, Blogger Crystal Cox, because Marc Randazza had made no deal with me. Marc Randazza only extracted information and used it against me.

Then I emailed Marc Randazza to tell him why I did not choose him and he wished me luck. Months later I asked Marc Randazza if knew anyone that would be interested in hiring me for PR, as I had been evicted and was penniless and needed a job. Marc Randazza told me he would not hire me, because I was unEthical, See Marc Randazza was really PISSED OFF because I was smart enough to buy Marc Randazza .com and Jackass Marc Randazza was not. So in his rage Marc J. Randazza has sought revenge by STOMPING on the First Amendment Rights of all and interfering further into the Obsidian V. Cox case ( ya Know the One that I CHOSE not TO Let Arrogant, Disrespectful Asshole Marc Randazza Represent me in), Well Marc Randazza got in the middle of it anyway and ON The Wrong side of the Law, WRONG side of those "Ethics" Mr. Hypocrite Marc Randazza is all BIG about and Seriously on the WRONG Side of Bloggers Rights and the First Amendment.

Believe Me Tact and Politeness is the Last thing that Marc Randazza deserves from me or anyone else for that matter. Marc Randazza disrespected me. Marc Randazza is working to Censor Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

Marc Randazza ran over my rights and Marc Randazza DOES not fight for the First Amendment for All, Marc Randazza fights for the First Amendment that gets Media Whore Marc Randazza the most attention for his Special EGO Trip.

Posted Here by
Crystal Cox, Investigative Blogger, 
otherwise known as the Unhinged Blogger, Crazy Crystal Cox, Mad Dog Blogger Crystal Cox,
oh and my Favorite "Enemy" of Marc Randazza.

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