Mar 13, 2012

Soon I will Be Questioning Marc Randazza Under Oath. As Marc Randazza has contacted the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox in order to help Tonkon Torp and Obsidian Finance Group to Take the Livelihood of Crystal Cox and to Defame her with Clients, Customers, and Business Relationships.

Protect the First Amendment
From Marc Randazza

Deposition Questions for Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza, did you tell members of the First Amendment Bar that you Represented Crystal Cox?

Marc Randazza, did, at any time, you contact the Plaintiff and attempt to negotiate a deal on behalf of Crystal Cox?

Marc Randazza did you lead Crystal Cox to believe you were considering representing her to get information to take to the Plaintiff to negotiate a Deal and then NOT get back to Crystal Cox on this Matter?

Marc Randazza did you threaten Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox that if she did not give you a Domain Name that you would make an Enemy of Her?
.... IF so What Did you Mean By This?

Marc Randazza did you contact Plaintiff's Attorney David Aman of Tonkon Torp and offer to Give a Deposition in Regard to Crystal Cox, Pro Se Defendant in Obsidian V. Cox?

Marc Randazza can you provide this court with documentation of all communications between you and Plaintiff and or Plaintiff's Attorney?

Marc Randazza did you tell Crystal Cox that it did not bother you that she asked for a Job?
...if So why did you then go to the Plaintiff's Attorney and tell them differently?

Marc Randazza did you email Crystal Cox and tell her that you had nothing to do with her case and therefore she had no right to register a Domain Name resembling your Name?

Marc Randazza is it illegal to register a Domain Name with another Person's name included in the actual Domain Name ?

Marc Randazza is it illegal to email a prior associate or contact and ask for a job, or if they know anyone needing a particular service?

Marc Randazza did you have an attorney, client relationship with Crystal Cox at any time?

Marc Randazza "I do not find it to be acceptable that someone else has registered my name for any purpose, and thus I can't possibly see any reason for you to have any control over that domain whatsoever -", knowing full well in your case history experience that Crystal Cox had every right to buy and own such a domain name?

Marc Randazza, what did you mean by this statement to Ms. Cox "I'm not interested in WIPO. You want to make an enemy of me, really?"

Marc Randazza did you make this statement to Ms. Cox, "You have no right to register a domain name that corresponds to my real name. Please hand that domain name over to me, and please do not presume to think it is okay to register other people's names as domain names."?

Marc Randazza did you represent Isaac Eiland-Hall in a WIPO Domain Name Dispute Regarding the domain name," ?

Marc Randazza, did you argue the right for Isaac Eiland-Hall to own a domain name that corresponds to the real name of Glenn Beck?

Marc Randazza did you ever represent Crystal Cox as her Attorney?

Marc Randazza did you ever tell anyone that you represented Crystal Cox as your Attorney?
(Remember now your under Oath, as will be the others in the First Amendment Bar whom you told, so answer this Carefully) Maybe you could be tricky and say, ummm I ummmm said I might.. um represent her.

Marc Randazza did you give any confidential, private information regarding your initial phone call or of documents Ms. Cox gave you, to anyone at all?

Marc Randazza did you discuss your phone call with Crystal Cox with anyone on the Plaintiff's side of this Lawsuit?

Marc Randazza did you disclose private information regarding Ms. Cox's strategy in this lawsuit to the Plaintiff or the Plaintiff's Attorney?

Marc Randazza, have you conspired in any way to harm Crystal Cox physically or financially?

Marc Randazza, did you contact Tonkon Torp Law Firm and offer to give a Deposition to incriminate, set up or in any way provide negative information regarding Crystal Cox?

Marc Randazza, Is it Illegal for Crystal Cox to Own ?

Marc Randazza, do you believe that Crystal Cox tried to Extort you in any way by offering Legal PR Services to you, Your Law Firm or anyone you might know?

Marc Randazza, have you threatened Crystal Cox in any way?

Marc Randazza, were you called by big "players" in the Porn Industry to "handle" the Crystal Cox case or somehow changed the verdict in any way?

Marc Randazza, did you email Crystal Cox with intention to set her up for criminal activity?

Marc Randazza, have you, in any way conspired with Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group, David Aman or Tonkon Torp in a way set Crystal Cox up for alleged illegal activity?

Marc Randazza, have you, in any way conspired with Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group, David Aman or Tonkon Torp to seize the livelihood of Crystal Cox or to interfere in her way of making a living?

Marc Randazza, have you, in any way conspired with Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group, David Aman or Tonkon Torp to change the Obsidian Vs. Cox Verdict in any way what so ever?

Marc Randazza, are you a Total Hypocritical Dickhead?
(now remember you are UNDER Oath, Asshole)

More Coming Soon..

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