Mar 14, 2012

It is My Legal Right to QUESTION Marc Randazza Under Oath in his TONKON TORP Deposition and I CERTAINLY WILL.

Hey Marc Randazza, Under Oath, 

What Does this Mean
"You have Made your Point, What Do you Want?"

Well Marc Randazza, Soon I will answer that Email on this Blog Publicly as you, Marc Randazza work privately to set me up, sabotage me, violate my Constitutional Rights and work to Silence and Investigative Blogger Exposing Corruption FOR REAL.

What I want is NOTHING from YOU. 

I want to EXPOSE you so that you do not use your First Amendment Bar and Attorney Privilege to Violate the Rights of another Unsuspecting Victim.

What I want is to show the world who you really are as you pretend to fight for First Amendment Rights, Free Speech and Domainers, yet you slammed me, talked down to me, disrespected me, lied to me, lied about me, called the Plaintiff and gave my Strategy and Secrets after acting sincere in interviewing me to represent me and then you work with the Plaintiff to take away my Domain Names such as Marc Randazza. com because you are Butthurt that I bought it.

What I Want is to STOP this from happening to another woman, blogger, domainer and to EXPOSE you to protect your future clients from what you have done to me, that is what I want. And well I am getting that, I am exposing you.

You email me threats of making me an Enemy and get all PISSED off because I buy a Domain Name with your name in it, and you work with the plaintiff to further harass me, hurt me, ruin me, berate me, KEEP ME DOWN.  That is WRONG Marc Randazza.
It is on the wrong side of the law, wrong side of ALL Constitutional Rights, WRONG side of Women's Rights and certainly on the WRONG side of the Moral Compass.  No wonder your defending Rush Limbaugh, you hypocritical, CRUEL, Life Ruining ASS.

At one time I considered working with you, but now that I see you have no "Standards", No Ethics, Flat Out Lies and once your BUTTHURT you attack against the First Amendment Rights of All, so now I would NEVER EVER WORK WITH YOU FOR ANY REASON NOR AMOUNT OF MONEY. Never EVER.

What I want is to protect unsuspecting VICTIMS of YOURS by Telling my Story about what you have done to me, in hopes that I protect others in the future and stick up for those you have harmed in the past, in your WAKE of Hypocritical Free Speech Protection Rant.

posted here by
Crystal Cox Blogger
ENEMY of Marc Randazza

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