Sep 8, 2012

a Note on Marc Randazza's Fair Use Dribble.. See Marc Randazza claims Super Duper Blogger Crystal Cox is making money from his awesome name.. which in itself is a simply NOT True..

I have made no money from the Jackass's Name "Brand".. However Forbes has, CNN Has, Google Has, tons of bloggers have and lots more outlets and hmmm is that discrimination.. ? that selective prosecution as Marc Randazza targets one Woman and singles me out as making so much money from using the name Marc Randazza in a domain name.. Really?

WOW, Marc Randazza is such a hypocritical Liar. But hey, we already knew that.

All pissed off because he is to Dumb to buy a dotcom of his own dumb ass name, and so he incites a lynch mob, files court documents and basically goes bat shit crazy.  Marc Randazza continues to lie regarding my Marc Randazza domain names, and I continue to buy them.. Neener Neener.. guess I will just keep Exposing the Fucktard Marc Randazza til he sends Guido to bust my knee caps as threatened on the Kenneth White, (Brown White Newhouse ) Blog.

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