Sep 12, 2012

Rabid Randazza at it Again, Lying, Lying, Lying. Hypocrite Marc Randazza is at it again, Flat Out Lying to WIPO Regarding Blogger Crystal Cox. Marc Randazza, Attorney, will do Anything to Suppress My Free Speech Rights. And to violate my First Amendment Rights.

LIAR, LIAR, Pants on Fire.

Marc Randazza tells WIPO that he "Served" me a WIPO Complaint when he did not. Marc Randazza emails me now and then and I certainly do not open attachments.

I was not served any documents, and Marc Randazza knows full well that I am not in Montana.

 Marc Randazza was trying to "Trick" me, so that I would not respond to the WIPO Complaint. As he first filed the complaint with the CZECH Courts.  Now Marc Randazza tells WIPO that I was notified of the Complaint Being Dropped which was not True.

I was not aware of it being dropped, as the Domain stayed LOCKED.

If the CZECH complaint was dropped, why did Godaddy keep the Domain Name LOCKED. Was this a Favor for Marc J. Randazza, above the Law Hypocrite Attorney ?

Marc Randazza Emailed me, Pro Se Defendent, Blogger Crystal L. Cox during the Obsidian V. Cox case filings and told me that he will NOT Open Attachments Regarding Legal Documents from Pro Se Defendant Crystal L. Cox, this after Marc Randazza was Subpoened in Obsidian V. Cox, I am Pro Se in that Matter, and after Marc Randazza had offered to represent me.  He refused to open attachments in emails regarding legal filings involving him. Here is that Email

Marc Randazza Emails Pro Se Blogger Crystal Cox that he will NOT Open Attachments Regarding Legal Documents, after he was Subpoened in Obsidian V. Cox
Now it seems as though he thinks I am to open attachments from him. I do NOT open attachments from Randazza Legal Group at the Request of Attorney Marc Randazza. Just one more Hypocritical Rabid Randazza Move.

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