Sep 7, 2012

Why Does Marc Randazza think that he should have special privileges?

I won the right to own, Joseph Leccese is the head of Proskauer Rose Law Firm and a way bigger deal in the Legal World then Mighty Mouse Marc Randazza. 

Allen Fagin use to be the head of Proskauer Rose, I won the rights to own . 

Marc Randazza knows this and yet tried to pull something sneaky in stealing the domain name, so its all eyes on attorney Marc Randazza. The dealing with Blogger Crystal Cox may just lose Marc Randazz his license to practice law. Guess he will have to find another way to make money with Corbin Fisher (wink wink)

Same with Proskauer Rose Attorney ..

So is Marc Randazza above the law that others seem to have to follow? Sure looks like it to me.

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