Sep 19, 2012

Domain Names are Assets, Commodities, Bought and Sold Daily. And as a Property Owner, Domain Owner you have a right to ask any price you want for a Domain Name. It is the Real Estate Of the Internet. Marc Randazza knows this and so Does Martin Cain. If it is Illegal to Buy and Sell Domain Names then there needs to be NEW prisons built around the U.S. for those who buy and Sell domain names.

The Domain Name Aftermarket has been around for decades, at least for me since 1996. For others even earlier.  Sites like DNjournal talk about the value of Domain Names. There are domain auction sites. Yet Marc Randazza acts as if its a crime to buy and sell domain names. It is Not.

Yes the Internet opens itself up to wear many hats. I am a Domainer, a Real Estate Broker, I Market nutritional supplements, I study metaphysics and alternative medicine, I study markets and trends, I read blogs and I buy related domain names, in which I have been doing since 2004 in a big way. Before that I had a few domain names related to local real estate. Then I went to seminars, trade shows, and invested in the Domain Market. Thousands do it yearly. Yet Marc Randazza acts as if its a crime to ask any price I please for a Domain Name.

Here are a few Domain Names that are on parked pages where by the owner makes money and this seems to be legal, happens daily, hundreds of thousands of dollars to google, godaddy, yahoo and others in this market, yet Marc Randazza tries to make Savvy Blogger, Domainer Crystal Cox look like some sort of criminal for investing in and reselling Domain Names.
a Play on a Celebrity name and redirects to pay per click
this is a pay per click, where by the owner makes money
this name is for sale, and the owner makes money with pay per click
pay per click, yet Marc Randazza thinks he has a right to own
pay per click
pay per click yet Marc Randazza fights in WIPO for

a Zillion More Examples Coming Soon.

There are thousands and thousands more like this. Yet Marc Randazza thinks he has rights that others do not. Marc Randazza is above the Law, Period.

If its illegal or bad faith, then boy does Marc Randazza and WIPO have alot of work to do. As thousands do it daily and have for decades.

I buy a domain name, build it in the search and Marc Randazza gets mad cuz he is to dumb to do it, so he cries to WIPO to just give him my time, money, and work in the search engines.

Hmmm.. Well.. How about this one.. Parked at Godaddy, As I just Now Bought it, Godaddy is making revenue when you go there and click on ads, NOT ME.

I am sure it will soon be in the ol' WIPO complaint too.. oh Well..

Anyway, just bought MarcRandazza.ME - And I want $5 Million Dollars to ReSell it to ANYONE. Is this Illegal?  If so then there is lot's of people doing it, thousands upon thousands.
This one is for sale for $50,000 - surely Marc Randazza fuckwad attorney in a domain name is worth 100 times that.  I have been a real estate Broker Owner for 12 years now, and the saying goes.. a Property is worth what a Seller is willing to Sell for and a Buyer is Willing to pay. That's the Game, that's the market.  You buy something, you get to put the Value on what you want to Sell it for, and Buyer gets to decide if they want to pay that price or not.
This is a pay per click, someone making money from it..
pay per click

.. and Tons more like it.. so Want to Buy - Well it lists at $5 Million Dollars, obviously half of that would go to the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox.

Marc Randazza is NOT an Expert in this Field.. Marc Randazza is a school yard Bully and is Suppressing my Right to Free Speech just because he is butthurt and humiliated.

MarcRandazza.ME - For Sale - $5 Million U.S. Dollars.
Parked at Godaddy Currently with Godaddy getting Revenue for FREE off the Good Ol' Name of Marc Randazza, Fucktard, Pompous, Arrogant, Dangerous Attorney.

oh and Marc Randazza, you Dirty, Sneaky Prick, if you Get me in Prison Someday.. no Worries.. there is Lot's of Pussy in Prison.. I will Be Happy Either Way.. and you will still be Humiliated by a Girl Smarter then YOU..

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