Sep 20, 2012

Hey Fucktard Dumb Dumb who pretends to know the Ol' Domain Game but is to Damn Dumb to Buy .. Maybe YOUR panties in wad EGO should buy these.. OR wait til I buy them and get strong in the search engines then STEAL THEM.. wheeee easy living for Ego Maniac Free Speech Stomping Attorney Marc Randazza

Remember when I posted you should buy and you did.. remember when I told you that your Facebook family photos needed to be set to private and you did it.. you are such a good little boy.. now go buy some more Dumb Ass.. and Keep Copy Catting me so you look like you have a brain.. - net, info, mobi, me and well others.. hmmmm.. what if someone else gets them and you have Suppress their free speech and file a WIPO..

How did you Steal from that guy EXPOSING your Big Dumb Ass?

Also Dipshit, MarcJohnRandazza for all those same ones is also available.. you don't buy them and then when others do, you go after them..  your will do anything to SUPPRESS Free Speech..

Oh and I love this search Term that hits so many of my Blogs..  so much I bought another one.. can't eat this month but oh well.. It is my Duty as Reverend Crystal Cox to expose YOU and to protect others that you WILL harm in the future..

So .. here we go..
To Continually Keep an Eye on Attorney Marc Randazza licensed in 5 States. And a Public Figure.  And to keep an online account of how Marc Randazza used information I gave him as a potential client, and used this against me, then emails me he will represent me. Then LIES about a high profile Bankruptcy Whistle Blower and never investigates the FACTS of the Case.

NOT Bad Faith you Corrupt, Lying, Back Stabbing, Free Speech Suppressing Mother Fucker.. its Exposing YOU.. Until you End Up Killing Me or Incarcerating Me.. as Threatened by the Marc Randazza, Pope Had Lynch Mob..

Suck My Big Fat Lesbian Dick, you EVIL Porn Industry Attorney harassing women, condoning stalking, inciting hate, suing innocent people, and suppressing Free Speech Rights of ALL as you Hypocritically YAP on CNN and Fox News about being a Free Speech Advocate which Clearly YOU ARE NOT... your a BULLY.. 

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