Sep 12, 2012

Marc Randazza Parody Blog Network ~ Featuring the Unhinged Blogger, Bat Shit Crazy Crystal Cox.

Blogger Crystal Cox is dedicated to protecting Free Speech Rights of all Bloggers and Citizen Journalist and Exposing Marc Randazza as a Copyright Troll, Hypocrite, Constitutional Rights Violator and Free Speech Suppressor.

Marc Randazza Parody Blog Network 

More Blogs Added Weekly, Monthly. If you would like to be a Blogger / Writer / Journalist on the Bat Shit Crazy Marc Randazza Parody Blog Network, Please Email the Unhinged Blogger Crazy Crystal Cox at 

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Marc Randazza is a First Amendment Fuck UP and a Hypocrite. Marc Randazza ruins lives by abusing his power and connection in First Amendment Law.  Blogger Crystal Cox, ME, is dedicated to EXPOSING the abuse and hypocrisy of Marc Randazza. And to warn other futhre clients of Marc Randazza.  Yet Marc Randazza is still out there pretending to support First Amendment Rights.

Join the Marc Randazza Parody Blog Network ~ Featuring the Unhinged Blogger, Bat Shit Crazy Crystal Cox.

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