Sep 7, 2012

Marc Randazza is an Asshole and a Thug plain and simple.

Waaaa Waaa ( Don't Be Alarmed this is a Parody, and not really Marc Randazza Speaking.. )

Waaaa UDRP please paddle Crystal Cox on the Ass and send her to her room. I demand that you ground Crystal Cox and tie her hands to the bed so she can't buy domain names with Marc Randazza in the name.

I have every legal right to Make Fun of and to EXPOSE Marc Randazza. Yet Marc Randazza keeps using the UDRP system, the court system, Forbes, the New York Times and many lawyer friends and bloggers to keep attacking me simply because I am exercising my right to Free Speech in Exposing the whiny hypocrite Marc Randazza.

Remember now Marc Randazza has filed a protective order in a Domain Name Dispute, Filed a UDRP complaint.. where ever he can it seems.. And continues to watch my every move when it comes to "Marc Randazza". This attorney acts as if Free Speech is his game, yet too dumb to buy, he punishes those smarter then him by constant attacks.

I had in the top 10 and Marc Randazza, in the name of Free Speech got his cronies to remove the name, now Marc is in the top of the search so Marc Randazza wants it too... oh and whatever else the lying asshole can get. He is above the law, has no ethics and violates the rights of his clients and potential clients.

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Marc Randazza is an Asshole and a Thug plain and simple. 

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