Sep 23, 2012

Marc Randazza in the Name of Free Speech seems to have Got Upset that my blogspot blog was in the top 10 for Marc Randazza, so Fuckwad Randazza got his techy attorney buddies to call it SPAM in Google and got my Marc Randazza blog shut out of Google since July. Google just put it back.. WOW.. Marc Randazza is NOT the God of GOOGLE.. who knew.. WIN for Free Speech..

See Mr. Marc Randazza, who claims to be a Free Speech Advocate, well he has his buddies get your blog shut down, all because I am smarter at this search engine thing then Marc Randazza.

So Looks Like Google is No Longer Favoring Bully Marc Randazza, Poser of First Amendment Rights.. as it looks like my Blog Is Back

However Marc Randazza still has Moles inside Godaddy, and Wordpress still shut down many blogs.. then there is that Entire Google Account Marc had an insider shut down.. more on that later..

Hope you WIN your WIPO Complaint FuckNUT.. it will set a Great Presedence for your Future Clients you defend for all the OPPOSITE Reasons.. Geez Marc, you Get Dumber and more Dangerous Every Single Day..

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