Sep 5, 2012

Hey, You Wanna Make Enemy of Me ? says Thug Attorney Marc Randazza. And he Means it.. Check this Out "I punched out a guy who offended my then-girlfriend (now wife)."

Marc Randazza punched a man for taking a photo of his wife IN PUBLIC. When it comes to his personal life, it sure seems that the Law, the Constitution and all that Gibberish is simply out the window. As the rights of others is something that Marc Randazza has no respect for.  UNLESS of course you PAY him TO respect your Legal and Constitutional Rights... hmmm.. sounds like Extortion to me..

First Amendment Attorney ?.. Sure Seems like a Hypocrite to Me.

Marc Randazza is the KING of the "Freedom to Restrict the Freedom of Others"

Below is some comments from Marc J. Randazza regarding the "Camera Guy"

Marc Randazza said, "

Marc J. Randazza wrote:

Peter doesn't get it. Its not that the guy wanted to take a photo. Had he walked up and said "hey, honey, nice tits! Can I take a picture?" She would have said yes, and who would I be to interfere? Its the slimy, behind-the-back way he did it that got his ass beat down. "

"Marc J. Randazza wrote:

Exactly, dumbass. If I "stole" it, I would have kept it. I gave him the chance to give it to me so that I could delete the photo and send him on his way. He didn't want to do that. He got his ass beat and his camera trashed. Seems appropriate to me. I'd do it again tomorrow.

That's one of the problems with this fucking country. First we let the women play on an equal playing field. (That I approve of). But then we let them decide that society had to be cunt-centric... as in, men ought to be cunts.

There is a time for resolving disputes in a civilized manner, by filing a complaint and litigating it. But, there's also a time to just kick a motherfucker's ass, right there on the beach, in front of his fucking family. This was one of those times.

The state shouldn't have a monopoly on enforcement of social rules.

Naturally, the prosecutor wouldn't have likely agreed with me if I got arrested that day, but that was a risk I was willing to take. Too bad Peter is such a fucking man-gina that he won't ever understand that."


Marc Randazza, the JUDGE, the Jury, the Punisher, the "Man".. Please don't be taking pictures of Jennifer Randazza's TiTs.. or ELSE..

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