Sep 23, 2012

Marc Randazza will now be named in a Federal RICO Complaint as he interferes with massive Evidence in the iViewit Technology Theft in Order to Help his Friends who seem to be involved with the IViewit Patent Theft

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Also Marc Randazza has got Godaddy to Lock Eliot Bernstein out of his Godaddy account which contains domain names involved in SEC Complaints, RICO Complaints and Legal Action against the Biggest Tech and Media Companies in the World.

Marc Randazza is using WIPO to aid and abet his techy friends involved in the stealing of a 13 Trillion Dollar Patent. WIPO unsuspecting has no idea who Eliot Bernstein is and how he is connected to Crystal Cox, the Investigative Blogger exposing massive RICO Complaints, Conspiracy, SEC Complaints, FBI Complaints and More. Marc Randazza is trying to silence Eliot Bernstein and the IViewit Story and Therefore Marc Randazza is using WIPO to Attack Eliot Bernstein and Using Godaddy to Squash Blogs, Domain Names in order to get the Truth about iViewt Out of the Search Engines.

For more on the Iviewit Case Click Below

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