Sep 5, 2012

Kashmir Hill did NOT talk to Me regarding the alleged child's domain name, or blog she claimed was attached to it, which NEVER happened. Kashmir Hill did not research the issue, or legality of buying a domain name of another person's child. Kashmir Hill and there by Forbes Violated my Legal Rights.

The Domain Name aftermarket has thousands of such names for Sale. As does Ebay. A few years ago there was a hullabaloo of the domain name of Anna Nicole Smith's child. Did Kashmir Hill look into this?  I doubt it. Kashmir Hill simply did what her buddy Marc Randazza told her to do and did not base her trash talk regarding me, blogger Crystal Cox, on truth nor on the big media's coveted BOTH Sides.

Anna Nicole Smith's Child's Domain was once a Big Deal for Sale on Ebay. was a domain name dispute.

Quick Call Kashmir Hill

Then Contact NPR immediately to discuss this Dark Hour of Terror, as Marc Randazza calls it ..

Geez Kashmir Hill and Marc Randazza will STOP at nothing to keep bloggers out of so called Media and Real News and to Suppress the Free Speech Rights of those EXPOSING attorneys like Marc Randazza.

Folks, buying and selling domain names is common place, and yes even of children. It is NOT criminal nor even immoral. Marc Randazza used his own child to win hearts and minds over a blogger just because I, Crystal L. Cox, was exposing the dirty tricks that this attorney pulled on me in order to suppress my Free Speech rights and steal my assets. I cancelled that domain name after I made the point that Marc Randazza was not an expert in the domain field. As far as, I gave that away in effort to support those against J. Malcom Devoy, a Randazza Legal Group attorney who supports stalkers harassing porn stars.  Marc Randazza then stole this Domain Name for those folks.  Nothing to do with me at that point.

Marc Randazza threatens people, lies about clients, bullies people and then gets his porn industry buddies to lie about the actually victims of Marc Randazza on their blogs and websites. The Truth is easy to see for those who seek it.

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