Sep 23, 2012

Martin Cain, Godaddy, WIPO and Marc Randazza soon to be Named in a Federal RICO Complaint, SEC Complaint, and Department of Justice Complaint. As they are Tampering with Evidence in a 13 Trillion Dollar Stolen Patent Case, KNOWINGLY.

Martin Cain left Blogger Crystal Cox threatening Voicemails. And threatened blogger Crystal Cox, me, on the phone that If I talk about him, his patent problems, his cheating me and betraying me and more regarding Martin Cain, that he would send someone for me.

After this Martin Cain lied to the State of Montana to get my Real Estate License taken away, and Martin Cain threatened me with a High Profile Attorney in Maryland, whom later called me and said he was sorry, that he did not know the whole story.

Crystal Cox posted the threatening voicemails from Martin Cain, as "MY" life was in danger, and Martin Cain had the voicemail removed.

Martin Cain has now aligned with Attorney Marc Randazza in order to Silence the iViewit Technology story and to get my blogs regarding Corrupt Attorneys and Exposing the Corruption regarding the iViewit story, shut down.

Martin Cain has give Marc Randazza private emails with me, and Marc Randazza in conspiracy has used this in his WIPO case to steal domain names belonging to Eliot Bernstein and some belonging to Crystal Cox. They are acting in conspiracy to silence the iViewit story and therefore they are acting criminally, interfering in an on going federal investigation.

Eliot Bernstein owns and has been shut out of his domain name accounts. Now Martin Cain, Godaddy, and Marc Randazza and possibly WIPO will be named in new SEC Complaints, RICO Complaints and Dept. of Justice Complaints regarding iViewit.  As they are now acting in conspiracy.

Marc Randazza has harassed Stephanie DeYoung and posted information she put online during a time when she was not clear, Marc Randazza got this Internet Predator post regarding Crystal Cox Blogger from either Sean Boushie or David Aman, Kevin Padrick.  Stephanie DeYoung, mother of 3, set the record Straight on Marc Randazza's blog and was denied comment. Then Marc Randazza emailed Whistle Blower Stephanie DeYoung to trash talk Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox who had been Exposing the Summit Bankrupty for over 3 years.

Eliot Bernstein Interviewed Stephanie DeYoung after she was Illegally Hospitalized to Silence Stephanie DeYoung, She was later released, only if she agreed to NOT talk to Blogger Crystal Cox ( how is that a Medical Condition?)  Marc Randazza and Martin Cain are working to Silence Blogs and Domain Names connected to iViewit, Eliot Bernstein and to protect Kevin Padrick the Trustee of the Summit Bankruptcy and his Attorney involved in the Summit Bankruptcy David Aman of Tonkon Torp.

Marc Randazza will also be named in a HIPAA Violation Complaint regarding the medical rights in this situation and his posting that he refused to drop or let Stephanie DeYoung comment on.

Here is the Eliot Bernstein Interview of Stephanie DeYoung April 18th 2010.

Part One

Part Two

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