Sep 23, 2012

Hypocrite Marc Randazza whines that I don't open emails he sends, yet he refused ALL emails to him regarding Obsidian V. Cox and he was Subpoened and I am Pro Se on that Matter.

Marc Randazza continues to accuse Blogger Crystal Cox of witness Tampering and all manner of unethical and unlawful behavior, yet Marc Randazza refused to answer my questions or even acknowledge legal documents emailed to him.

Gee if I win the Appeal and Go back to Court, think of all those I will Subpoena and all the documents I will Get in.. as I will be Pro Se again if I win my Appeal.. and if NOT well then all you Hypocritical Assholes will get to deal with a BAD Precedence for YOUR BAD BEHAVIOR.. so either way WIN WIN for me..

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