Sep 21, 2012

I am Nakaii Publishing and have had Many ISBN numbers assigned to me since 1996. This Blog will Soon be an eBook with ISBN number 1-892930-99-4

The Crystal Cox v. Marc Randazza Story

a Story of How Far a Free Speech Attorney will Go to Silence Free Speech and All the Dirty Tricks he Uses.

 ISBN number 1-892930-99-4 Will Be Assigned to this Ebook, this Blog

Crystal L. Cox
"Crystal Nakaii"

Ya, makes you wonder hmmm.. Why did Crystal Cox not tell Judge Marco Hernandez that she was a Publisher, and had published books. Well I did, and also that should not matter. Citizen Journalists, Bloggers have a right to take in information and post this information and have Equal Rights as Journalists.

Retraction Laws, Shield Laws and Certainly the First Amendment should have applied to me. I was taking information and Publishing on hundreds of blogs for over 5 years. This is what "Journalists" do. The only difference is I posted documents and videos of proof instead of phone call here say as Big Media does, partial quotes and cut off stories.  Blogs are a better source of NEWS, thats a FACT.

So google your issue and find Bloggers, Citizen Journalists telling the Real Story, un-jaded by big media and false illusions by lynch mobs and circle jerks created by Attorneys like Kenneth White of and Marc Randazza, posing as an Advocate of Free Speech while really suppressing speech and setting BAD precedence for You ALL.

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