Sep 19, 2012

GoDaddy Parked Pages - Revenue for GoDaddy, Marc Randazza LIES to WIPO.

See This
This Goes to GoDaddy Parked Pages of which Godaddy gets Revenue, to see my blog you have to type in www, this is an issue have been unable to resolve with Godaddy for Years, I provided WIPO with emails with my Godaddy Executive account manager. Still Marc Randazza flat out lies to WIPO and claims that I have done this for revenue, knowing full well I have made no money from his dumb name.

All the blogs I have created do this, its not my Revenue, yet Marc Randazza has his Law Clerks paint me in False Light, with no proof that I have got a dime. It's Godaddy Money, yet Marc Randazza lies to WIPO as if it is Mine.

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