Sep 4, 2012

This is for those of you who read this site often. Take Note of the Following, in case Whiny Baby, Above the Law Attorney Marc Randazza wins the Rights to own the domain name he was too dumb to buy

You can always google terms related to Marc Randazza and lying, hypocritical, corrupt (in my opinion), and other terms regarding the practices of Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza.
For Marc Randazza Facts, Parody, Information and
More for those on the Go needing Entertainment
Regarding Super Duper Asshole Marc Randazza.
For those of you seeking to be entertained by
non-stop parody, documents, videos and more
regarding the hilariously hypocritical business practices
of Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.
For those needing Parody information regarding
the Lying Jerk of an Attorney Marc Randazza.
Oh and Last But Not Least, Check Out

Got a Tip Exposing, Pantsing, Parody-ing Marc Randazza, send the tip to or or

Marc Randazza shuts my blogs down as fast as I can put them up sometimes, to email me if you see something and its gone. Mr. Free Speech Asshole Attorney, is no True Advocate of Free Speech when he is the one who is being EXPOSED..

So let's go a Parody-ing... Email me documents, Videos, Photos, Evidence.. and lot's of Parody Regarding Marc Randazza.. and those of you telling me that Marc J. Randazza has mafia ties and may kill me.. well Know this, even in the event of my death, My Blogs will live on.

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