Sep 26, 2012

New Domain Names for you Folks to Look Forward to Complaining About. Superhero Blogger Crystal Cox Stands UP to the Pope Hat Lynch Mob. To the Death. YOU will NOT Get the Best of Me, even if you KILL me, my Blogs, my Mission, my Life's work LIVES On.

Batten Down the Hatches, there is a Shit Storm of TRUTH a Brewin'... ahhh and you Thought you can ruin the lives of Women Standing Alone, as so many of the Marc Randazza clan does daily, and just move about your life UNEXPOSED... well Not While the Bat Shit Crazy Super Hero Crystal Cox is on the "Self Described" Job of Giving Voice to Victims and Exposing Evil.

Got a Tip Regarding Kenneth P. White and  Brown, or White & Newhouse

Email your Tip to

New Blogs Coming soon to EXPOSE  Kenneth P. White and  Brown, or White & Newhouse as they have painted me in false light, lied about me, and incited hate and a lynch mob against me and ALL based on LIES, False Light and WRONG Information knowingly circulated. 

oh and Anonymous, which I believe is Kenneth P. White and  Brown, or White & Newhouse, called me a Mercenary on a Volokh blog comment, Remember this one?

"Ms. Cox reportedly "published"  (Press) a bunch of stuff then shook people down (I read your recent entry by the way, and it took my breath away. She is provocative,  mercenary and disgraceful)"

Oh ya, the ball-less, name-less comment dude lost his breath because I brilliantly bought the dotcom of Marc's child to prove he is a DUMB Ass, and NOT an expert in Domain Names as he claims to be..

Anyway..  I have decided to BRAND myself as the Search Engine Mercenary.  Like Superman, where ever there is EVIL, wrong doing, corruption, conspiracy, lies, discrimination, abuse and hypocrisy such as Marc Randazza brings wherever he goes.. well that is where you will find Bat Shit Crazy Blogger Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger and now know as the Search Engine Mercenary. - Coming Soon.. To "Target" Evil, Expose Injustice, Fight for Equality, Expose Corrupt Judges and Attorneys, Expose Godaddy, Expose WIPO, Expose Rapists, Expose Evil DOERS world WIDE.. by Amazing, Radical Internet Marketing to EXPOSE their TRUE bad and Evil Deeds.. And make a stand for their Victims ...

I am a HERO and I will Be Damned if I gave my life as I knew it to be BULLIED by EVIL such as those standing with Marc Randazza WHOM is on the Wrong Side of Justice, the Wrong Side of the Moral Compass, and the Wrong Side of the LAW.

Stay TUNED..

Crystal L. Cox aKa ~ Superman, Search Engine Mercenary
Reverend Crystal Cox

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