Sep 5, 2012

Marc J. Randazza Responds to Matthew A. Kaplan, Esq. regarding Glen Beck WIPO Dispute. Get your Hip Waders, YOU will Need Em'

Marc J. Randazza Responds to Glen Beck WIPO

Hmm.. do you see anything possibly hypocritical in all this ?

Marc Randazza sure does not believe I have these same rights. Guess I should hire Marc Randazza to represent me against Marc Randazza, ya I know I am sooo Funny.

Let's take a look at a few things that Attorney Marc Randazza has to say when it comes to Domain Name owners rights in cases that do not involve domain names with the name Marc Randazza in the Domain Name. Ready ?

You may want to have a shovel handy and wear hip waders.

" View 1 states: “The right to criticize does not extend to registering a domain name that is identical or confusingly similar to the owner’s registered trademark or conveys an association with the mark.”

View 2 states: “Irrespective of whether the domain name as such connotes criticism, the respondent has a legitimate interest in using the trademark as part of the domain name of a criticism site if the use is fair and non-commercial.”

Naturally, View 2 is the prevailing view of American panelists and panels that apply American law to UDRP proceedings. View 1 seems to be more popular with international panelists and panels that apply European law.

Unfortunately, given that UDRP decisions regularly incorporate international legal principles, this case could be assigned to a foreign panelist or to an American panelist who applies transnational principles. I personally would find it distressing if the panel were to make a decision that completely disregards the U.S. Constitution in favor of a foreign perspective that adopts View 1."

Hmmm.. Ok so Marc Randazza, First Amendment Attorney and self proclaimed Free Speech Advocate files a domain name dispute in a Czech Arbitration Court ( a foreign panelist) and it sure looks to me that Marc Randazza did this in order to go directly AGAINST the U.S. Constitution.

Marc Randazza tries to claim I have made money from his not so famous alleged brand. Yet that is simply not true, I have made no money from that domain name and have in fact lost money. I still own the name now because Marc Randazza had Godaddy lock the name, otherwise I would have sold it for 12 Million Dollars.. maybe if I win the right to keep the name I can sell it to a porn connoisseur ( breath, it's Parody ).

The use of is FAIR and non-commercial and Marc Randazza knows it.. he is grasping at straws to redeem his very bad name .. that he claims is his good name and boy is Marc Randazza lying constantly.

In the Glen Beck Case Marc Randazza says, "I personally would find it distressing if the panel were to make a decision that completely disregards the U.S. Constitution in favor of a foreign perspective that adopts View 1."

YET it's not so distressing when the Constitution is disregarded to protect the ego of whiny baby attorney Marc Randazza.

In the Glen Beck Case Documents, Marc Randazza goes on to say, "To be candid, we found the fact that Mr. Beck filed this action at all to be most puzzling. Although, it was obvious why he did not file in a U.S. court given the law surrounding nominative fair use of trademarks as fully explained in our Brief. Naturally, a defamation claim as alluded to in Mr. Beck’s complaint would be humiliatingly doomed as well in a U.S. court. "

Hmmm.. so Marc Randazza, Hypocritical Attorney finds it puzzling that a man would try and get a domain name with his name in it, yet Marc Randazza sure is not seeming puzzled when the domain name has Marc Randazza in it. Surely a defamation claim would be humiliating to dumb ol' Marc Randazza.

And it all seems so obvious now as to why Marc Randazza did not file in a U.S. Court.

The above document is so Full of Shit, as Marc Randazza seems to be taking the opposite side of it all now... poor baby.. afraid of a girl buying a domain name and has to file a protective order.. IN HIS HOUR OF TERROR !!! ( as Seen on Nationally Syndicated NPR )

Hypocrite Marc Randazza goes on to say, "Accordingly, we found it to be most ironic that Mr. Beck, facing the fact that the U.S. Constitution would stand in his way in a U.S. court, sought to bring this action before an international domain name arbitration panel.

On March 20, 2009, he said on his show:

     Let me tell you something. When you can't win with the people, you
     bump it up to the courts. When you can't win with the courts, you
     bump it up to the international level.

Of course, we levy no critique at Mr. Beck for seeking to vindicate his perceived rights in this forum. We do not share his opinion as articulated on March 30, and we respect his creativity in seeking an alternate avenue where his claims might have a chance of success. Unfortunately, despite the general wisdom among UDRP panelists, we find that occasionally they render decisions that make First Amendment champions cringe."

So is Marc Randazza claiming to be a First Amendment Champion. REALLY ? Is that what your Going with Dipshit ?

Well, Folks Marc Randazza is certainly NOT a First Amendment Champion.

Marc Randazza got a whole lot of my blogs shut down because he did not like me complaining about Marc J. Randazza. Marc Randazza filed a protective order against me.

Marc Randazza threatened me in private emails on making him an enemy. Marc Randazza gathered a lynch mob, lying about my motives and attacked me online, in my my post office mail, my email, and in world wide blogs and forums.

Marc Randazza lied to a Forbes reporter and painted me in false light as if I had attacked a child. Marc Randazza accused me of extortion when Marc Randazza himself offered to buy the domain name and I said NO.

Marc Randazza has been on a rant for nearly a year now just because of a domain name. And all this to suppress my Free Speech rights, my First Amendment rights and in essence has violated the rights of all bloggers and citizens and has so far set some pretty bad precedence.

Marc Randazza is the one that "facing the fact that the U.S. Constitution would stand in his way in a U.S. court, sought to bring this action before an international domain name arbitration panel " .

Marc Randazza wanted to violated my constitutional rights, therefore Marc Randazza brought this "ACTION" before an international domain name arbitration panel. "Of Course" I "Levy no Critique" at Marc Randazza for "seeking to vindicate his perceived rights in this forum".

Marc Randazza, Alleged First Amendment Rights Attorney and Advocate of Free Speech, certainly seems to be making REAL First Amendment Champions, such as myself, CRINGE.

A Few more quotes from the document above as Marc Randazza blathers on, in defense of his client, yet now in a hypocritical rant fights for the exact opposite against Blogger, Super Hero Crystal L. Cox, the "REAL" Free Speech Champion.

"We are certain that despite our disagreement with Mr. Beck’s legal position, that all parties involved hold equal reverence for the First Amendment. Therefore, I have prepared a proposed stipulation that will ensure that no matter which panelist is assigned to this case, the First Amendment will illuminate these proceedings like rays of light from the Torch of Liberty."

Drama, Drama, Drama Queen !!!

"I am certain that neither party wishes to see First Amendment rights subordinated to international trademark principles, thus unwittingly proving Mr. Beck’s point. Lest this case become an example of international law causing damage to the constitutional rights that both of our clients hold dear, I respectfully request that your client agree to stipulate to the application of American constitutional law to this case. "

Don't you throw up a bit when hypocritical, down right EVIL lying lawyers such as Marc John Randazza, sign their Blather and Yammering with "Sincerely," Marc John Randazza

Blah.. Blah.. Blah..

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