Apr 13, 2012

Another Domain Name Marc Randazza Defends, yet Thrashes Blogger Crystal Cox for Buying Marc Randazza.com

"“Fuck [can] play a role as a figurative term, for example, ‘to fuck’ can also mean ‘to deceive,’ Randazza wrote in his appeal. "It is a word of force that can assist us in our expressions of joy when used as an infix, as in ‘abso-fucking-lutely.' ‘Fuck’ helps us express rage when we scream ‘fuck you’ at a football referee, or at a motorist who has just cut us off in traffic. ‘Fuck’ is an old friend, who can always make us laugh.”

I agree, as this article says, Fuck can play a figurative role, as in to "Deceive".. yet Forbes, as a favor to Butthurt Marc Randazza, trashes Blogger Crystal Cox for haveing FuckMarcRandazza.com

The quote above sure seems to be Marc Randazza's own words, yet he gets my wordpress site shut down because it is offensive somehow ???

the Hypocrisy and Double Standards does not end ..

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