Apr 5, 2012

I was NOT Charged with, nor on Trial for Extortion. They are leading you FROM the Issues, Don't Follow..

The Cold Hard Facts are, Regardless if I am Deemed an Extortionist or Not, that has nothing to do with whether I am legally "media" or not. It has nothing to do with whether Oregon Retraction Laws, Shield Laws or Anti-Slapp Laws should apply to me. And It has NOTHING to do with the First Amendment Rights of all and the Fact that "negligence" must be PROVEN.

The Extortion Issue is a Smoke Screen Folks. If and When I get criminal charges, a public defender and a Trial on that issue, well focus on that at that point in time. For now there is no Extortion Charges, for there was NO Extortion. This is to divert you from the Real Issue of Bloggers are the New Media and the New York Times, Forbes, the Oregonian, Lee Enterprises and Others are Old News. And they are losing there stronghold over society, thereby losing political and big corporate Ad Dollars !!!

I Say, Anti-Corruption BLOGGERS are the REAL NEWS.  Uncensored, no Boss Man, Documents of Proof and REAL INVESTIGATIVE WORK.

Don't Forget Marc Randazza has Fox News Connections and also has connections to legal issues regarding the law blog AboveTheLaw.com where Kashmir Hill, Forbes made her claim to fame. Follow the Money. Think for Yourself.

Boycott Big Media

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