Apr 5, 2012

Crystal Cox Anti-Corruption Blogger Speaks Out Regarding whom Advised Her that it may not be Good For Bloggers and Others if She Appeals in the Obsidian V. Cox Defamation Case.

There seems to be some question as to who discussed with me that it may be a good idea to NOT Appeal the Obsidian Vs. Cox Case.

I had wrote this on my Marc Randazza Blog awhile Back.

"Marc Randazza told me that if I appeal it MAY create Bad Law and that maybe I should consider NOT appealing so that my case can be used to Lobby for others in changing laws. I was in agreement, and told Marc Randazza that I simply wanted advice from those surrounding the First Amendment Rights Issue and the First Amendment Bar, so that I could do what was best for all Bloggers, Citizens Journalists and the First Amendment Rights of All. Marc Randazza said he was very glad to hear that, and it made him want to work with me even more."


In the Video Below when I talk about First Amendment Bar experts recommending that I do not file appeal for possible lobbying efforts, it was Marc Randazza I was talking about. At this time I had spoke with Marc Randazza and was waiting for him to get back to me. I thought Marc Randazza was a First Amendment Expert and I wanted to do what was right for the Greater Good, as I made it VERY clear on our phone call.

After the call, Though, I found out, instead of getting back to me on my case, he assumed he was my Lawyer and was already negotiating with the Plaintiff without my permission, which violated my rights.

Here is the Video, This Interview was Dec. 12th 2011, Toward the End I discuss possibly not filing appeal at the recommendation of First Amendment Experts. I was talking about Marc Randazza and ONLY Marc Randazza. He claimed he had discussed this issue in great depth with other First Amendment Bar Issues. I also state plainly that if I appeal it will ONLY be with an Attorney.

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