Apr 5, 2012

I have so much to tell you guys and especially regarding the agenda of PopeHat.com and Kenneth P. White, thing is I have to take a break for a couple of days. Got Responsibilities..

I know who knew.. *Smile* ~ She Looks up from Her computer and heads to fresh air..

Ok Guys You have Enough to Chew On for Now, have to take a break from this stuff to work on my Taxes, and Making Some Money so I can buy some more Domain Names with Marc Randazza's Name in It. Besides all this Blogin' and Yammering, is Cuttin' into my "Crazy Time".

The Flavor of the Week is MarcRandazzaISaLyingAsshole.com, as well he is.. No False Light, no Defamation, No Slander, he lied, he continues to lie and he is simply an asshole.. that blog coming soon.. As for Tonight I have my Domain Name Buying Anonymous Meeting, to try and stop my Domain Name Buying Addiction. It's like a Mad Sweaty Fever... I just get so Giddy with Ideas ..

Peace and Love to the Good Guys Out there Fighting Real Corruption
Una Stamus ...

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