Apr 3, 2012

Marc Randazza Rant. Marc Randazza Accuses Crystal Cox of Extortion with no Criminal Charges, no Public Defender and Complete Denial of Due Process. Marc Randazza is Upset over a Domain Name and has inspired a Lynch Mob based on False and Defamatory Information.

I am writing more on all this however, I am swamped and so I thought I would do a video with a few comments regarding Marc Randazza's Whiny Baby, Hypocritical Rant.

This is Part One

Part 2

More Regarding the Crystal Cox WAR with 
Lying Hypocritical Asshole Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza Violated my Rights, Exposed my Strategy, Negotiate for me with the Plaintiff without my permission, I am the Client, My rights were denied.

Marc Randazza says Sandra Fluke is Butthurt, Marc Randazza is the One Butthurt

Marc Randazza Defends Rush Limbaugh, Yet Attacks me for Calling His Wife a Slut and Buying Domain Names.

Marc Randazza on the Wrong Side of Free Speech

Why in the World Defend the Owning of GlenBeckRapedAndMurderedAYoungGirlin1990.com and yet attack me for buying a name in a Dotcom? Oh I know, double standards.

This is what I sent Marc Randazza via Email, in my Pro Se Capacity after being Notified by Opposing Counsel that Marc Randazza had a Deposition in Portland. Marc Randazza Rejected this Document.

No Way is Marc Randazza a Friend to Domainers

Crystal Cox Extortion Allegations Statement

Post Here by
Altruistic Investigative Blogger
Reverend Crystal Cox


  1. Are you a performance artist or just plain batshit crazy?

  2. Hey above commenter - aren't you the same guy who calls Monica Foster and Shelley Lubben "batshit crazy" ? Get a life STALKER!


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