Apr 14, 2012

Marc Randazza drew Stephanie DeYoung into his battle with Blogger Crystal Cox and with no regard for her rights, her family, or her quality of life.

Marc Randazza posted something on his blog that was retracted on the Internet Long ago. What good is retraction laws, and the ability to "Edit", if attorneys like Marc Randazza take retracted information and make it live.

This retracted statement was sent to Marc Randazza by David Aman, the Plaintiff's Attorney, it is assumed. This post was labeled as directly the words of Summit Bankruptcy Insider Stephanie DeYoung, yet when Stephanie DeYoung committed on Marc Randazza's blog, he, being a Free Speech Advocate, would not allow her comment to be posted.

Then Marc Randazza, in his mission to discredit Blogger Crystal Cox, he, posted a commented on that very post that said it was Blogger Crystal Cox, herself, who made the comment, so he refused to let the comment through. Marc Randazza Stated this April 6th 2012, and it is shown in the video "Crazy Blogger Crystal Cox" which is full of partial quotes, false light and flat out lies about Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza did this, even though he knew full well that the comment on April 4th 2012 was from Stephanie, as he had emailed her right after she posted the second comment. Marc Randazza is protecting Big Media's foothold over the rights of Citizen Journalists, and Anti-Corruption Bloggers.

Marc Randazza is protecting big wigs in the Porn Industry and saying it is all in the name of free speech, yet Marc Randazza is suppressing Free Speech. David Carr of the New York Times and Kashmir Hill of AboveTheLaw.com and Forbes is helping Marc Randazza in creating this web of lies and deceit to silence, intimidate, and pressure Blogger Crystal Cox into NOT Appealing her case. And in making others believe that I am not a journalist because of my alleged "standards" in which is not true. "Standards" have nothing to do with whether I am a journalist legally or not and nothing to do with if that blog post was true or not.

Also keep in mind, I was not on trial for Extortion, nor has their even been a criminal complaint filed, as it is simply not true, in which I have proved. Yet the New York Times and Forbes cannot have bloggers thinking they are "Journalists" or Big Media will Tumble. I say boycott Big Media as they Tell Big Lies and are protected by laws that real news reporters such as bloggers are not protected by.

Marc Randazza was going to represent blogger Crystal Cox in an appeal that affects all bloggers and all citizens in their free speech rights (Obsidian V. Cox). Yet soon after Blogger Crystal Cox chose a different Lawyer, Marc Randazza launched a campaign of hate and lies to create an illusion, a distraction surrounding the alleged motives of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza is acting as if he agrees that bloggers can be journalists, just not this one.

However, what has happened to me to keep bloggers down and not give bloggers the same rights as "journalists", also happened to Shellee Hale and allegedly 200 other bloggers. My case is simply the most buzz, because it had the biggest price tag in my judgement of $2.5 Million Dollars.

Marc Randazza has deliberately lied about Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Over and Over. The motive is clearly to attempt to STOP my Appeal, to discredit me, to provide a smoke screen to the corruption I am exposing, of which also involves Lightsquared and iViewit. Both in which Marc Randazza's buddies, clients Liberty Media, Corbin Fisher and Others, will lose BILLIONS over.

Marc Randazza even went so far as lie to Stephanie Deyoung about Blogger Crystal Cox, in claiming she was changing the focus of the story from Kevin Padrick to herself, knowing full well that Blogger Crystal Cox constantly blogs on the Summit Bankruptcy. This was a lie to make people turn on this "One" Blogger, Crystal Cox, even though she is simply getting the corruption story found, it is not her story, nor did she make it up or knowingly post false information.

Marc Randazza has contacted others to get them to turn on me, and yet the Truth is still standing if anyone wants to actually look at the facts instead of simply joining the Marc Randazza Attack on Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza is part of suing 35,000 innocent people that Corbin Fisher, Liberty Media seem to have baited into downloading videos, and is now extorting these folks for what he is calling an "Amnesty Program". This is a video technology that is owned by the iViewit Technology Company, in which the inventors have not got a dime. And this amazing videos technology was invented over a decade ago, by the iViewit inventors. Corbin Fisher, Liberty Media seem to be "in" with MPEG LA in using the IViewit Technology with NO Legal Right to the Video Imaging Technology.

Marc Randazza is a powerful attorney in this "game", as his connections are pretty high in the Porn Industry, which seems to control many judges and attorneys. However, I have faith that the Truth will prevail. We cannot let the Marc Randazza Lie, stand as the Truth just because he has big connections and many blogger thugs to paint fluff about him, to hide the Truth.

Here is what Stephanie DeYoung, Bankruptcy Whistle Blower Posted on her Blog Today, regarding the Marc Randazza Battle against Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

"It has come to my attention that Marc Randazza (http://randazza.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/new-york-times-chimes-in-on-the-crystal-cox-story/) has been obsessed with a blogger fight with Crystal Cox

Not sure how this works, but I thought when you delete a post it does go away. I am wondering if he is getting this information from Kevin Padrick or David Aman.

Anyway, I commented on his posts regarding these deleted posts, but he decided to not allow them to show up on his blog. So, I will put them here on my blog…

1. Stephanie DeYoung says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

April 4, 2012 at 8:06 am

Dear Author,

It is nice that you have used an old post of mine that I have removed. My post was in part true and in part emotionally based. You see, Crystal was fighting for me because my family had me hospitalized because I had a manic episode after fleeing for my life from Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance and David Aman of Tonkon Torp.

They had harassed me, bullied me, and took all my investments using tactics such as freezing bank accounts, filing court proceedings, making false accusations in the newspaper and in the court documents, making me do a deposition before any of the Summit 1031 Accommodators owners had to, making me do a 2004 documentation request, ignoring my rights in my ownership in various properties, etc.

While trying to fight for my rights, they played their attorney games with my attorney’s making my attorney bills huge. I finally ran out of money to fight for my rights, so they got my properties by me filing for bankruptcy so they couldn’t keep coming after me. They simply took my children’s investment illegally, but again I have no money now to fight it and even if I did, it wouldn’t be enough because Kevin Padrick has way more money and resources, that no justice could ever be found.

So Crystal attacked my family because they hospitalized me in a total inappropriate manner and I believe there was some other powers higher up that contributed to the way things went down.

Anyway, I removed the post you have here on this blog because after I was done being angry at everyone including Crystal, I realized it was emotionally charged and without merit.
I wish you would get the story straight on who the true predator is.

Stephanie Studebaker-DeYoung"

Source of Post and Full Marc Randazza Article with all emails, Click Below

Please Investigate the Summit Bankruptcy Story and Help Bring Tonkon Torp Law Firm, Judge Randall Dunn, Sussman Shank, Steven Hedberg Perkins Coie, Miller Nash, Dept. of Justice Pamela Griffith and Obsidian Finance Group to Justice. Find the Truth, dig into the story independent of Plaintiff and Defendant, Independent of ALL. Do not jump on the Marc Randazza band wagon. Knowledge is Power. Find the Facts for yourself.

Investigate the Summit Bankruptcy and Prove that Bloggers are Journalists.

Here are research links to More on the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy, Kevin Padrick, David, Aman, Tonkon Torp, Perkins Coie, Judge Randall Dunn, Steven Hedberg.

My Blog on Obsidian Finance Group


Stephanie DeYoung Summit Bankruptcy Whistle Blower Blog, NOT Mine


Documents I gave the courts to prove the source of the post


Here is Exhibit 520 that I gave Judge Marco Hernandez, Portland Oregon 
To Show the Source of the Post I was on Trial For. 

Obsidian V. Cox Trial Transcripts

Meeting Videos

Court Filing Against Tonkon Torp and Obsidian Finance Group

Posted Here Proudly
by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

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