Apr 5, 2012

Marc Randazza and Family. I Give you this Tidbit of Advice for your Protection.

Being a Lawyer that Defends Domainers to Own sites such as GlennBeckRapedAndMurderedAYoungGirlIn1990.com and in Publicly Speaking against woman's rights and for Rush Limbaugh, you are calling a lot of attention onto your young family. PLEASE tell Jennifer to set her facebook page, ALL her family albums to private, there are so many adorable photos and to protect your family, Wake UP to the Internet and how to keep your life as private as you can, to protect your Children.

by the way Congrats on your Weight Loss, nice to see you smile so much.

Now Get to setting those photos Private Right now .. Dude, You were on CNN, this information should not be PUBLIC... it is..

NOTE:   How did I come across this Today? Well I received a "Jackass Letter" by regular USPS Mail and in researching it online I found the Randazza Society on Facebook and there it was. NOT Stalking, Don't Care about Marc Randazza's private life what so ever. I do care about this letter and it's author whom most likely is Marc Randazza Himself. I am turning it over to the FBI.

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