Apr 8, 2012

United States vs Hemmer, 729 F.2d 10

More Coming Soon, have a Tip, or Documents of the Case?

" the HEMMER case. The court says "As they were locking the four individuals in the vault, one of the robbers commented to his accomplices in reference to the young boy, "Don't hurt him, he's cool." What are the Details of This? What Connections Does Randazza have dating back decades that is now suppressing the voice of an Investigative Blogger in 2012?




"it's ok he's cool" that seemed to work at age 15, WHY?

Who is this

Is the above the Grandfather of Marc John Randazza? Is there NUCLEAR POWER PLANT Lobbyist Connections at play, as Tonkon Torp Law Firm, the one setting up blogger Crystal Cox for Extortion is big in the Lobbying for Nuclear and Energy. And remember before the Summit Bankruptcy and big money connections through that, Tonkon Was Not so big in that industry.

Keep in mind that Obsidian Finance Group is a very big deal in the Energy world, they just signed a huge contract with Pacificorp. Though they pretend I lost them Millions in a Time when Millions on top of millions are being made.

Also remember that David Brown and Ewan Rose of Obsidian Finance Group are Registered Lobbyists. And  Brian B. Doherty of Miller Nash Law Firm in Portland Lobbies for Obsidian Finance Group.  And Miller Nash is the Registered Agent for the Multiply Solar Companies that Obsidian Finance Group David Brown has set up.

Brian Doherty

David Brown Obsidian Finance

Why do some people's blogs talk of Marc Randazza being a Republican Operative, Some Talk of Marc Randazza being a Democratic Operative, why?

See Judge Marco Hernandez, David Aman Tonkon Torp and Marc Randazza have me convicted of Extortion in the public eye, in which I never had a fair and impartial trial over, nor a criminal complaint, nor a public defender. And this is now the issue to the masses, instead of the corruption I was exposing. So now Marc Randazza, for some reason has entered this fight to set me up, threaten me, harass me, paint me in false light. And the yammer has been fun but today as I work on my Criminal Complaints, and Judicial Canons filed with the Attorney General and other Agencies, well it gets serious now folks. So I won't be engaging much in the sex talk, threats, jokes and the dark hour of Terror experienced over a pissed off blogger buying a dotcom, Marc Randazza did not approve of her buying.

Back to exposing corruption.  If you have any information regarding Marco Randazza, Marc Randazza or his other alias names, please email your tip to SavvyBroker@Yahoo.com.  If my emails and blogs get shut down, you can message from YouTube Videos or send Snail Mail by USPS. They will not silence me, what I do is too important. Many fear my Death, I do not. I have been through so much over the last few years, that if the Great Spirit has that in store for me, I will cross over with dignity and grace in fighting to make this world a better place.

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