Apr 21, 2012

Public Participation Project

SO odd that Kasmir Hill, Marc Randazza and other seem to fight for Free Speech, yet single me out to attack me and accuse me of criminal activity when I have not had a fair trial on those accusations, nor even a complaint to respond to. Why is Kashmir Hill and Marc Randazza fighting me so hard? Anti-Slapp should have applied in my case, it did not.

I am exposing corruption, I am not simply making things up about some innocent lawyer. Marc Randazza admitted in his email to Stephanie DeYoung, that he does not care about what really happened with Kevin Padrick, thing is then why tear me down. Why slam my tactics, why suppress my free speech rights in the name of fighting for free speech.

At this ling you see that Marc Randazza and Kashmir Hill seem to fight for a Federal Anti-Slapp, yet they go directly against my Free Speech rights and publicly lie about my activities, defame me, trash talk me and I am not guilty of extortion in any way.


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