Apr 10, 2012

Rumor has it that Marc Randazza did not give his deposition for fear of his family, thing is I did not buy his wife's domain name, nor the other name you all publicly display, until AFTER the Subpoena. Lies, Lies.

Find the Truth Folks. Don't Believe Me, Dig Deep and Find the Truth. Follow the Money.

They also say Marc Randazza could follow through with the Deposition, as if to threaten me, go ahead. I will question him as well. And it is a deposition regarding assets. In which Marc Ranadazza's $10 Domain Name as an asset at that time seemed a very big deal to get a statement on, why?  It was a trial for defamation of the truth or non-truth of ONE BLOG POST. I was not on trial for emails nor extortion. Yet that is what the Lynch Mob is accusing me of.

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